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Thank you! Thank you very much!! You're too kind, really. I appreciate all of you, thank you. Everyone up top, much thanks! Everyone in the back, I see you out there, thank you.

20 years ago I never imagined myself accepting this award. It wasn't intentional. Not like I planned it. I just did what I do. But I humbly accept. Thank you!


More importantly, I'd like to thank myself because let's face it, without me, it never happened.

Thank you, @dandays.

With pleasure, @dandays.

In the 20 years the Kardashians have been on TV, I never watched a single episode.

Awkward Transition

Creon, ever hear of it? Pharmaceutical grade digestive enzyme extracted 𝚘𝚗𝚕𝚢 from pig pancreas. Bacon, ham, chorizo, Creon.

The pancreas produces digestive enzymes responsible for breaking down the foods you consume. It tells the rest of your digestive system what a protein is so it doesn't mistake it for sugar, for example, as well as produce insulin to balance blood sugar levels or what fat content is in comparison to vitamins. Life threatening stuff.

When the pancreas stops producing those enzymes, it can no longer differentiate between foods and appropriate nutrients. That's called Pancreatitis, a deadly disease that ranges in severity from acute to cancer. A dude named Steve Jobs died from pancreatic cancer.

One day the pancreas says everything's a protein and the next it says everything's sugar which throws the body into a natural defense and begins systematically shutting down organs not pertinent to survival. That's called a pancreatic attack.

Pura's chronic. It's necessary I know these things. Random photo of a Joshua tree in the town where I grew up.


Creon (carnitas). At the turn of the 20th century, experimental pancreas extraction first began with dogs. That didn't work. Neither did cows or chickens. Neither did any other lab experiments.

Out of all of the farm animals humans stuff in their face, it was discovered in 1924 by a pair of Nobel Peace Prize recipients, Frederick Banting and John Macleod, a pig pancreas most resembles a human pancreas. Another random photo.


There is no substitute. Any attempt to produce a generic form of Creon is deemed unlawful by the FDA. At an average cost of $1,100 per 90 capsules, each capsule has a shelf value of around $12. Majority of insurances won't cover it.

Someone with chronic pancreatitis can potentially enjoy a meal pain free without any digestive issues by consuming 2-3 capsules per meal. At $12 each, that same someone quickly begins altering their food intake. 2-3 capsules per meal, 4-5 meals a day is an expensive tab.

Less Awkward Transition

Alright, so I'm at the pharmacy one day picking up a prescription of 150—20 day supply. It isn't the pharmacists fault, she just works there. She has no stake in this. I asked her how often a patient can not afford their medication. "At least once a day."

She said the worst is when a diabetic patient can't afford their insulin, "sometimes it's all I think about."

Pancreatic enzymes assist food digestion for someone suffering from pancreatitis. Insulin's a little different. Too much or too little, you die.

Like water.


When I heard about the Kardashians injecting type 2 diabetic insulin to lose weight, I barfed in my mouth a little bit.

Hollywood uses what 11% of society considers life or death as weight control. Not sure how much more bɒcʞward we can be. Someone who, due to status, benefits from a routine medical procedure and loses a few pounds before spring to fit in a backless Chanel while someone else who, due to status, loses their life because they couldn't afford the procedure.




Whenever I hear the Kardouchians I barf in my mouth a little.

I wonder if the supply is good here in Canada and whether or not it is prescriptible? Perscribable? If so, we would be in the enviable position where government provided healthcare would help people where a privatized healthcare system would fail them.



We were in the position to tour several countries between now and 2017. Creon is free where medicine isn't commoditized which is pretty limited, really, tough to remember so write this down:

East and west of the US. And north. And south too. But that's it.

Bang! There it is, I agree with you Zek, I believe that is where the US NEEDS TO GO. I like the Canadian model, it's working for you, right?

Hi @dandays, that's a fortune to fork out!
At least here in SA hubby's insulin costs are fully covered by medical aid, which amounts to a couple of thousand ZAR per month, as does the premium we pay every month. But we need the cover for other costs, as our government hospitals are chambers of horrors, which those who don't have medical aid have to visit every month, waiting wasting an entire day to pick up what keeps them alive!
The whole pharmaceutical industry and health systems stink!
I wish for a miracle for your Pura, my thoughts and prayers are with both of you xxx

Other than his insulin's covered, it sounds a lot like the medical system here if you're uninsured.

Hello, Lizelle. Sorry it took this long to get back over here. I saw you mentioned me too, I'll go there next. I'm busier than a left turn signal in Nascar lately.

We just take it one day at a time. Fortunately we have one of, if not the best coverage. One day at a time. = }

I read this post when it was published, but wasn't logged in. It opened my eyes and made me wonder a few things as I recognize the symptoms looking at my boyfriend's health. Told him to investigate it as he needs to get to the doc soon anyway after they did an ultrasound and found some stuff. Although they could not check the pancreas as it was filled with gas or something. Don't remember exactly.

What a shitty thing that these pills are SO expensive, and then they wonder how people get hooked on cheap street drugs in some cases. I can totally see where that goes wrong :(

Someone with chronic pancreatitis can potentially enjoy a meal pain free without any digestive issues by consuming 2-3 capsules per meal. At $12 each, that same someone quickly begins altering their food intake. 2-3 capsules per meal, 4-5 meals a day is an expensive tab.

I can't even remember when my boyfriend has a smooth meal, it seems nowadays everything is giving him some sort of response, some things of course worse than others. Oh I do remember, when we landed in Spain, for some very strange reason he could eat whatever he want for a while without his body going into defense mode. Even the fattier stuff didn't cause issues (probably because of the olive oil they use here?)

I may hit you up for questions in DM soon if that's ok <3


Sorry you can relate to anything I said. I hope he doesn't have what she has. I don't experience it physically and it's still pretty miserable. Of course, get at me any time.

Yeah, pharmaceuticals, www dot whataracket.

She has good days too. I can remember a couple times we would be somewhere and she wasn't bothered for like five days. If he has up/down head swings that seem to balance when sugar is either removed or introduced, he might want to suggest they check his pancreas.

Keep me posted.

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Ahhhhhh, again.. Kardashians lead the way..


Not sure how I missed this. Better late than however the saying goes.


Gotta love 'Merica. Profits over lives.

Seriously? That is insanely expensive. Sure MS medication and HIV meds are more expensive but Pura needs 2-3 pills at 12 bucks each just to live?

It wasn't clear but does insurance cover costs?

It's gross. Even in South America they were free.


$20 copay covers 180/month and that's Anthem—arguably the most elite coverage here. On any given month it's about 1/2 what she requires. Additional capsules are discounted 50% until the turn of the calendar month.

But when you're banking health hours and waiting for the fifth month to kick in, so your medical ID is active, it fuckin stings dude.

Hashtag Racket.

GOOD MORNIN' D and A you have wonderful penmanship.

But you had to talk about how poorly we are treated in the USA, RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, yet we can't take care of our own.

When are we going to wake up and demand change in the system, a system that bankrupts average Americans ignores the Vets, and lets children die by allowing insurance companies to deny, deny, deny valid claims until it is too late.

How many times have you heard, I cut my meds in half this month (can't afford meds and food), I mean it's a crying shame.

GREED GREED GREED GREED where did are moral compass go, have we no shame, where is the compassion???

I believe it's time we pushed for a single-payer system, coverage for all, regardless of income or status. We have the right to health care, there is strength in numbers, let's demand members of congress, who hold the purse strings, get the same coverage as everyone else, I wonder if any of them, Democrats or Republicans will have to cut their meds in half or eat cat food?????

I could go on and on, but as @thebigsweed would say, chores are backing up.

Sending good vibes to pura, you are both always in my prayers.

Ditto to all of that.

You've never watched the Kardashians or followed them on facebook, me neither. But just in case you do, they make a pill you can take before viewing their shit. It doesn't cost a lot because they want everyone to be able to afford it.

I'm not sure how it's possible to sustain such an expense every month.

I hope things get better before they get any worse with the prices of everything rising at an unsustainable rate.
Good luck with this tough situation @dandays

I can't remember ever walking in to the Union Hall on vote night saying it was too much. Too generous of the contractors, we don't need all that, and settle for something reasonable.

Every time we voted, we were voting to keep something. Go to the table with four privileges and walk away with three like we won something.

Just gets worse and worser.

Oh man, I never considered people cutting their meds in half. But now that you say it, I bet a whole lot do.

Hello @farm-mom. Much appreciate your comment.

We have $20 co-pays and insurance covers about 80% when we're covered but that's with Anthem, arguably the best. When we're not covered it stings for a minute, like right now, you know how you got those waiting months to be reinstated. Sucks.

But your average HMO or even most employer backed private insurances won't cover it. Just isn't high enough priority. I mean, after all, it's just digesting food.

..you have wonderful penmanship.

You just made my day.

Thank you Dorothy's sister. <3


Why the fuck doesn't medical insurance cover it? Surely that's what you pay those grotesque premiums for? and why the double fuck won't the FDA allow anyone to make a cheaper generic version?

I'm also proud I have never watched an episode of the Kardashians too. Famous for nothing, zero value to the universe, I hate this part of human nature that attracts some to idolise wealth, fame and fortune that has zero talent or human worth to back it up.

Looking at the Morrisons bill, that's a breakfast for champions but it made me wonder, is there no trace of this enzyme in other pig based products? If so, overload on sausage and bacon?

You're both in my thoughts. Fucking British govt.

PS Heinz baked beans without sugar are an abomination

PPS You got any Morrisons points left over? :-)

PPPS Exactly what is she taking? I will ask the wife to talk to one of her Doctor chums to see if they are any cheaper to buy here. We can buy most things if necessary.

Impressive price comparison between a couple of muscles eh?

Whaddup Nathan!

I was just explaining our coverage. That's with arguably the best insurance stateside. Still doesn't cover 100%. Means majority has 0% coverage. Wish I was lying. Free where you are!

When I read yours and Mini's comments, I felt it. ~Chilling. Appreciate your concern man. Give you one guess why they won't allow reproduction of it...

Will the points help you? If you're serious, let's get them to you. What do you need?

Any info is appreciated. Don't hurt yourself. = } We've pretty much exhausted the options. She goes back and forth with Creon cuz she said it causes "brain fog." So unless she's going somewhere with a lot of food she can't prepare for, she tries to avoid them but never stops taking a once daily Probiotic and Enzymedica digestive enzyme.

D and A

Woah! That's just crazy money when it's a life or death situation!

My co-worker's aunt (34 years old) is currently in ICU fighting for her life from what I'm assuming is an extreme case of what Pura is living with. Admittedly, she is an alcoholic and they believe that's likely what caused her pancreas to start shutting down. She didn't get herself any treatment when she started having some serious symptoms (diahorea for weeks) and family found her in bed in her own vomit and faeces unable to do anything before she got taken to hospital. Her organs were shutting down, so she went straight into ICU and that was at least October last year. It's been a case of trying to get her organs functioning again and she's just had the dead part of her pancreas removed.

It's probably free where you are.

That sounds miserable. I'm glad you brought up alcohol. I should've mentioned that.

It's what is immediately associated to pancreatitis. Doctors question us at first, everywhere we go, we expect it. We have to explain how no, she doesn't drink, hasn't drank, it's not hereditary, she's the 1 out of however many thousand who was born with the fucked up gene, next question.

Thanks for this comment—gave me chills. I hope your friends aunt gets past it. I haven't witnessed an attack to that extreme but what I've seen looks unbearable.


It's probably free where you are.

Not free here, but not nearly as expensive. If you are low income it will be subsidised too. The UK would be free or heavily subsidised.

Her aunt seemed to be on the mend so came out of ICU, but after months of being on support and not eating normally, couldn't stomach eating again so was barely eating and no-one made sure she was. Lost 4 kilos, had to be revived after going in for a scan and ended up back in ICU. Family has been told to say their goodbyes just in case, but if she does pull through then she should be able to make it. Sounds like it's a 50/50 chance at this point, though. That about sums up the level of care nurses are able to cater to on the wards. Under staffed is how hospitals work here, so unless you are in ICU, nurses can do little more than check on you while on their rounds.

After doing the rounds feeding the poultry and this going through my mind, editing to add some more thoughts:

I actually didn't realise that alcohol could destroy the pancreas until I heard about my friend's aunt. You hear about it causing liver disease, but never this. A friend has cirrhosis of the liver, but continues to drink excessively. He's not a nice drunk, either...

I was wondering, why does Pura have to take multiple tablets per meal? Do they not make a dosage where only one is needed, or does it change depending on what you eat or the severity of the condition?

Good one.

There's only two dosages and they're not much different. So, if it's heavy which is something she tries to avoid, she'll likely take two. Start with one per usual and see how she feels during the meal. One might work for a light meal but mainly just for snacks—an apple, et cetera.

Hot spices are the worst. She loves heat but that flares more than anything. Something simple like a shot of sriracha at the Thai joint would require another one.

But they're digestive, right, so she can't consume anything without them. Pretty depressing. Can't just grab a handful of almonds or something. Or a banana. Or a....

Another question comes to mind. With Pura's condition being genetic, was it a gradual process with her pancreas degrading or is it something she's had to deal with all her life?

She had her first attack when she was 16. They didn't diagnose her for quite awhile because you're just not supposed to have that at a young age so they tested for everything else.

Didn't really bother for another 10+ years. Nowadays it's one day at a time.

Second Nathen's comment.

That makes three of us who's never watched an episode of Kardash what's its name.

Yeah, and why aren't people allowed to make a generic version of Creon? Is that the FDA or the big pharma companies colluding together?

Take care guys

Your cheek, that was me. Again.

Hello. No secret why they won't allow a reproduction. Pretty gross eh? FDA.. Big Pharma.. They all go to the same annual Christmas party.

Much thanks. <3

Bruh... I Never watched any episode of Kardashian that's because of never heard of it in my side of world.

Hehe, I know what you did there... giving yourself award for not watching what everyone else did for reasons make totally sense and relatable too.

Too much or too little, you die.

That's Scary.

I heard about medicine there are too expensive thought that's just conspiracy...but that's just so expensive Af.

Have never followed or idolized any celebrity.. elite don't care about who die or live.. all they care is their life Good and people are mad crazy for em.

I know more about you than I do a Kardashian. <- My phone capitalized that, that wasn't me.

What's up man? Over here, you have to not own a TV and avoid spots like medical offices or markets or waiting rooms or anywhere with a TV cuz that family will be on it. Even the gym. I ever tell you how much I hate TV's in the gym?

...I could write a whole post about it. I hate those TV's. It would be a rant. This one, pharmacy and racket and stuff, I couldn't pick a community.

I'm rambling again.

Yes. Everything you heard about the United States commoditizing medicine is true.

I upvote your postings as soon as I click on them.



Your just that good.


Now I better go have a l👀k see...

I will get back to you on the quality and wholesome family friendly totally easy to read content I am sure to find here.untitled.gif

Family Friendly Since 6,060 days?!

How's that? Thank you doesn't cut it sometimes.

These things you see and read isn't what I trained for. I do it because people like you keep coming back.

What about that one?

I wonder if people are still standing beside the train tracks in Ohio.
Train wrecks are memorizing and hypnotizing. I know my rants are a fancy train wrecks. Yours are..?

Well they are always worth coming back for. And most times I gotta read them twice.

But no puppy pics no re-read bro!

Juss sayin'

My posts, solid crap, your posts hard core rap...

How old are you anyways..?

You know you can not watch this without...

L👀king at the pixelated blurred areas... (little blurry train wrecks)


Why you keep repeating yourself..?

Did I stutter..?


Krazzy Peak-D multi notifications. 2,3, sometimes 4 of the same noti's

N-no. That was a virtual DJ mix, what did you th-think-i-ink-ink?

I'm going to respond to this one cuz I'm not sure what you mean by that unless you're talking about this. Tf you mean dot dot.

Train Wreck Stoned is still not Meth Stoned.

This is Meth Stoned...(dotdotdot)

Fuck it. I am changing careers. Never to late to cook...


Was that a late 70's Honda TT 150?

No Silly.

She is a year and a half old GOAT.

And she gets around... (Dot Dot Schwing)


Hooray capitalism!

My partner is an APRN (fancy way of saying nurse with a doctorate) at one of the big hospital systems here in town and it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly fucked and backwards our 'healthcare' system is. I've been on the 'don't get sick' insurance plan for most of my adult life, it's always seemed absurd how you're health is dependent upon your wealth, and also how oblivious we are to that.

What's up Jethro! Thanks for clearing that up, I would've mistook your partner for an Associated Press Nurse.

We got those Creon for free in England. Oh, and Costa Rica and Italy too. Those were the worst flares she got as we were traveliving. Free, free, and free.

Imagine that? Don't even know the language and you can walk in a pharmacy apothecary where a doctor is on staff; blood work, BP, heartbeat, ears/nose, et cetera and walk out with a prescription of Creon without signing or swiping or PIN or....

I call it health careless.

Yeah, I went with armor piercing myself the first I heard it.

I believe it. My brother lived in South Korea for a year and it was a similar situation there, if not free then the next thing to it. And here we make everything more difficult than it has to be just so we can charge more.

Health careless, I'm stealing that 😎


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Much thanks for finding me. I sat on this one for a couple days because I didn't know what community to post to.

Next time I need to vent like that, I'll stop by your place.

Well that went horribly...

Random Fo-Toes..?

WTF are they even about..?

Now see what You did by not giving me my Atlas fix (yes, I love dogs as much as my kitty who thinks she is a dog)

Now I gotta go do a rant post in my bro @cmplxty rant section...



Thank You.

We Love that breed.

Our 2nd Fave after our long lost loves... R.I.P. (gone but never forgotten)


We also Lost a crazy trucker and dear friend this week.

Anthony "animal" Bolduc R.I.P. my biker trucker friend...

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RIP Animal.

Death sucks dude. I'm a pro at it. I wish I wasn't.

I got the double double notifications notifications going on right now too.

Two huskies?! Yeah, I bet they stayed in the yard. = }

Yay! 🤗
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