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What the hell!?

Virusses are being altered in labs, funded by the USA governement!?

Moving to China

Now, where is that bloody tin foil... But wait a minute, this is not a conspiracy theory, this is freaking real! There are renowned instances that have written about this subject, as far back as 2012. And what I read did hurt my brain. This cannot be real, denial at first. Then I came across a video where a mister Trump, from the United States of America, was asked about funds being moved to China in 2015. These funds apparently were being used to pay a Chinese laboratory to continue some 'Gain Of Function' {GOF} research for the Americans. Already back in 2013 the USA put a moratorium on the GOF research. But, after that it got 'outsourced' to China. Then the name of a certain mister Anthony Fauci pops up, being responsible for moving the GOF research to China and getting it financed. He was one of the people who 'predicted' a deadly pathogene outbreak causing a worldwide pandemic. It was almost like a scenario, but when I state that kind of thing I first have to put on my tinfoil hat. So hold on to your seat, it is going to be a crazy ride...

First, to me there is a difference between having a certain level of intelligence, used in science and actual wisdom. Creating an atomic bomb, for instance, might show some smartness at work, but also proofs the total lack of wisdom. And when you thought that a small part of humanity could not get any more stupid, then guess again. In comes the so called 'Gain Of Function' {GOF} research. Does have cool kind of ring to it, right? Must be some awesome stuff going on there. Well... You might want to reconsider that initial thought. Remember the wisdom thing? GOF research proofs the other side of that and calling these researchers and their financiers (USA government mostly) STUPID FUCKUPS would be mild. That might even be too kind actually, as they could be considered guilty of causing one of the most horrible disasters on this planet. This might be a shock to you, like it was to me too. And I still find it hard to wrap my head around this. Because I cannot understand who would want to do this and why on earth? It looks like eugenics getting into action, but I thought that was considered not done already?

Altering Pathogens

Sounds cool, altering, hey innovation equals progress. Wait, slow down there, not all inventions and innovations can be seen as progress. Some gave us a lot of challenges, or horror, think about 'agent orange' for instance, the list is way too long to publish here. Now I presume that you, dear reader, are a bit unfamiliar with what GOF research stands for. The shortest explanation is that it is where scientists try to alter pathogens, like viruses. And pathogene means that what makes you, as a human being, ill. Even to a level where it might kill you. How did that sink in so far...? This is not a conspiracy theory, this is actual research, openly being published about by many mass media channels. Some doing their stinking best to try and sell it to the public as being okay and even good for the future of humanity. So, are you ready to roll up your sleeve and get that van vaccin needle in? Because apparently to be able to move freely again we have to be vaccinated. Strange, because we do have a natural defense known as our immune system, it keeps us alive and kicking while we are on this beautiful planet. Well, as long as there is not some idiot who alters a virus in such a way some human beings their genetical sequence is not able to deal with it. But come on, those kind of crazy scientists only can be seen in books, comics and movies. Nobody in their right mind would even dare to think such as clearly stupid thing...

In comes a certain mister Ron Foucher (as you may have noticed I do leave their so called 'titles' out, making them more human), from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam (Nederland). In 2011 his team of researchers and the man himself created a mutant version of the H5N1 avian flu virus that could be transmitted through the air. Now, take some time to let that sink in for a while. The research was financed using a huge contribution by the government of the USA. Again, this has been done all in the open, because 'Gain Of Function' research was (is?) considered essential science. Some humans creating destruction, what else is new, right? But this time they seem to outclass themselves, becoming the creator of an almighty destroyer of human life. Mister Ron Foucher and his team created a real new virus that could cause a pandemic, that was 2011. How they did it was never published, as there was a fear that some might want to use it for biological warfare. (NO REALLY, ARE YOU FOGGING KIDDING ME...!?) This is beyond a crime against humanity because they tested this on animals. Yeah, but it could not infect humans beings... Come again?

Accidents happen...!?

Human being are perfect, what they create is the best. Well, okay, I tend to act cynical, it keeps me from going nuts, I think. It is even hard to read about all of this. Mass media channels publishing about GOF research as if it is perfectly okay. And of course the crazy scientists will promote their monsters as being useful to humanity. Also it pays the bills, probably. On the other hand, all over the globe there are now many who have trouble doing so. Will mister Trump, the main man of the USA, do an investigation into the subject of GOF research moving to Wuhan in China, financed with money of the people of the United States of America and press charges against mister Anthony Fauci, for being responsible for a worldwide disaster? Well, I have my doubts, as I think most mass media channels will hush this. Maybe stating that if the truth got out there would be riots worldwide and the powers that be would lose their control. While I strongly think that those responsible for this disaster should be brought to justice. As it does seem that the current version of the Corona virus is an escaped alterned pathogene from a lab in Wuhan China. Comming from a 'Gain Of Function' research outsourced and funded by the government of the United States of America. After that kind of research was put under a moratorium in the USA itself.

That this kind of research actually is real, and has been for a long time, all over the world, did kind of freak me out. A lab accident with the small pocks happened, a couple of years ago, and it seems humanity escaped a global outbreak. While we all were under the impression small pocks were a thing of the past. Seems that some laboratories still are experimenting with these kind of extremely dangerous pathogens, funded by governments. While the pharma industry is ready to roll out lots of medications and vaccinations, making a lot of money for investment groups in the proces. Wait, wait, wait... Let me take a step back. There are labs that do GOF research, altering pathogens (like some very dangerous viruses)... And we have governments that finance this with tax-payer's money? There have been experiments with the Corona virus already, in those labs. Like in 2015, as published by yet another crazy and dangerous 'scientist', known as mister Ralph Baric. The seemed to manage to engineer a virus with the surface protein of the SHC014 CORONA VIRUS, found in horseshoe BATS in China(!), and the backbone of one that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice. The hybrid virus could infect human airway cells... This was in 2015, but it might trigger some alarm bells for you, maybe, I know it did for me. ARE THEY FOGGING NUTS!?

Do we still need to ask who caused it?

This stuff is as real as it gets. It is not a nightmare that we can wake up from, as a whole of humanity. And I wonder what is next, when I see what is unfolding all over the world. Apparently we need to be tracked, all of the time. Here in Nederland {NL} there is this government agency that calls for 'Corona suspects' to be declared. That is a dangerous development, being a 'suspect' of a viral infection. It is mind blowing to me how the many are swallowing this down. It almost starts to look like a worldwide tyranny is being installed. Yeah sure, for our own good, follow the arrows and keep your social distance. Otherwise you will get a fine and you might end up in prison when you cannot pay it. Even the shit statement that everybody who does not comply and obey is a potential murderer. One has to be very brave to still claim ones born freedom. Even while it is a complete and utter stupid idea to make that kind of statement, people who are scared shitless will believe it. Try to explain to them that wearing as face mask is basically useless, as it will not hold off any virus, it does not help. They are too afraid to even be able to use their brain.

Luckily there are also many on the planet who are skeptical about everything that is happening right now. Among them there are many scientists and doctors. Maybe what happened was merely an accident, a very bad one, I might add. So, no conspiracy, but human stupidity, known as 'Gain Of Function' research. And humanity has to deal with the horror and disaster it caused on a global scale. We had a mirror put in front of us, about environment pollution dropping, about the dangers of some types of research and how we still need to be on our guard. Because some psychopathic megalomaniacs grab this nightmare to try and push their own creepy agenda. Like vaccinating the whole of humanity. While we could work on making our environment healthy again, strengthening our immune system, so go out there and let the sun help you make vitamine D! But be careful and stay safe because there are a lot out there who lost their mind. Not knowing how viruses can move about without restrictions. All we can do is live, have faith and stay healthy.

It was an accident, maybe at best

Viruses are extremely small. Even a filter with the smallest maze of 5 micrometer could let 2500 Corona (100 nanometer on average) viruses through every opening. Luckily viruses move about randomly and get stuck to much larger objects. That is why face masks like FFP3 and N100 are considered functional against viruses and bacteria. Yet, some might slip through anyway, it is hard to stay away from any virus. In every cubic meter of air (a thousand liter), near surface area, there can be between 1.7 and 40 million viruses. Some might be potentially pathogens, but probably are not and if so we human beings have our natural defense, known as our immune system. To some extend viruses may be a natural phenomena, as they have a lot of resemblance with the so called exosomes that all living creatures have in their cells. They also go in and out off cells and get into the air. Only known to science since the 1960's they still need a lot of investigation, but it seems they are part of the communication system between our cells. Besides that they function as an important part of our natural defense. They seem to go out of the cells by the masses when there is a case of illness, an intruder or a poison. Under a electron microscope they look a lot like viruses. So, exosomes might be related to what we have come to known as viruses. In line with that vaccins might even be considered bad for our immune system, as we might be actually learning our white blood cells to attack our own exosomes, mistaken for viruses.

That is speculation, I am fully aware of that, but I think it is important that we, as human kind, go and reflect on our own behavior. Are we mistaking exosome for viruses? Well, if so then we have to reconsider vaccinations, very carefully. And if indeed the now well known Corona virus was a human 'mistake', then it is important to get the truth out in the open. Meaning it was a human altered Corona virus that escaped the lab in Wuhan China, by accident. And if the USA government actually financed this GOF research project then the ones responsible have to be taken to international court in The Hague, Nederland. This is extremely serious, something has to be done to stop these crazy scientists and their psychopathic megalomaniac financial supporters. If mister Trump dares to take drastic action, which I doubt, I will take my hat of for the man. Well, I will take my hat off to anybody who is able to stop this dangerous 'Gain Of Function' research once and for all. This has to stop now. One of the most bizarre things that I noticed is that some of these nutters like mister Bill Gates and mister Anthony Fauci talked about it as if it was a scenario they wrote... But that would be crazy right? Why would one create a pandemic on purpose? Humans do not do such a thi... Ow shit...

Stay safe!

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Natural mutation or man-made creation or in the grey lands in-between... Whatever it is there are some shady things afoot.

Natural mutation also happens, of course, but in this case things have a rotten stench to it. Smells like the unwashed hands of humans.

Either way, we are forced to deal with it.

Indeed, shady shenanglings abound!