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Guys, We're TV stars now😜🌟
Who wants my autograph???

Just a joke😄
Why? We really have become a part of a TV-programme devoted to the modern technologies and innovations.
And it was a very interesting experience!

Some days ago in the morning a producer of one of Russian TV-channels called me with a proposition to make a story about our bussiness.
Now in my country it's high time to develop producing of everything using our own possibilities that's why 3D-printing seems to be a great way to do it.

How did they know about us?
I was puzzled. We're known by local people, but TV...I realized we were not so popular for it...
And then I remembered that I left a comment under a photo of man who ran 47 km for 6 hours. Just left a comment under his photo. I did not know who he was, there was no info about his profession anywhere. And he appeared to be a TV producer who went to my page and saw info about our bussiness:]
Social nets power in action:]
But first of all - Universe help♥️

We didn't have time for preparations, for making good text for the interview, just for cleaning everything up well too😂 But rejecting from such a chance would be strange and stupid...
We realized it wouldn't help us much because they wouldn't show our contacts, but our own TV story is a great ad, and just interesting experience!

My hubby was nervous very much:]
But I was nearby all the time, and my support helped him a little, I hope:]






A reporter was working for about 90 min, he changed locations, asked questions, shooted process of modelling objects and then process of printing them....
But as a result it will be just a small story for 2-3 minutes.
How great work is left backstage in TV sphere!
Huge work!

But in any case it was very interesting to see all the process inside and be a part of it.


How exciting!

Thank YOU, Linda!❤️
It was a crazy day but really so exciting and interesting;)




thank you!!


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