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Hello hivers, i am back again and i want to talk to you about the importance of communication and marketing


Communication is mainly the ability to engage in discussions with two or more people how about a specific topic, and in this case I would like to let you know how it can be important in helping the growth of your brand.
The same also goes with marketing which is similar to advertising because you can open up a business and promote your products, which can make you excel in your area of expertise.

There are many people whose brand suffers from lack of publicity, due to their inability to Market or advertise properly and this can be a huge setback, and reduce what is known as economies of scale.

It will forever be advisable to take this step forward, even if it means coming out of your comfort zone to talk about your brand and expose yourself to the outside world.

What are some advantages of marketing and communication?

  • Increases publicity
  • New opportunities
  • Clarity
  • Improves image
    and many more!

Starting up a business is never easy or straightforward, so many people tend to put 101% in achieving growth after they have started their business, because there’s no point making such an effort to start, are not keeping the energy throughout.
Marketing and communication is very vital when it comes to consistency, as it attracts consumers, which helps in growth, and even in the mental aspect, which is the fact that it encourages you, and even pushes you, motivates you, and gives you more of a reason to continue doing what you do.

How can you communicate and market better?

You can communicate and market better, by first of all having the confidence to interact with people, despite what their reactions may be.
In order to communicate and market better, you need to be modern, you need to make use of modern technology, such as; running social media accounts, creating digital billboards, and even advertising on cinema screens.
This would increase outreach, and could benefit the brand or product.

Lastly you need to be able to engage in conversations with people. For communication, you do a lot of talking and you also have to do the best for your listeners. So in order for this to work, you would need to be a good speaker in order to attract people to your business.
You also need to be a good convincer, so people can patronize you, and make use of your services.

I hope you have learnt something new and i hope to see you soon!