FDA Gene Therapy Shedding Concerns!

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The gene therapy lipid mRNA nanoparticles and recombinant chimpanzee/human synthetic genetically modified viral vectors inside the covid-19 vaccines are engineered to infect human cells.

These creations are made using "gain of function" biomimicry research technology aka genetic engineering.

They are made with protected "shells" using ionic pegylated chemical reagents that allow the particles to move in and out of cells and into any part of the body, even pass straight through the blood brain barrier.

These tiny nano particles can escape out of one person and enter into another person. We call this "shedding" all known gene delivery drugs are well known to shed. Gene therapy patients are required to have a minimum 28 days of isolation for their safety and the safety of the general population.

A bystander that has had gene therapy delivery products shed onto them from gene therapy patients can absorb the engineered nanoparticle vectors with the live/active gene enzymes and these viral vectors can inject the live/active gene into their cells and force the gene edit when not needed which will cause harm to the bystander such as cancer or other negative effects and diseases.

Simple fact!

Here is a FDA study document on gene therapy shedding concerns.

And here


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