You could be unknowingly suffering from OCD- Get checked.

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You could be suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and not know it, I was too until recently diagnosed, nobody knows if their anxieties are OCD related, you might be doing some uncontrollable things impulsively and you could think its a normal routine in your life. Alas, its a disorder and it could continue life long if not diagnosed and or reduced as it can not be medically cured unless suppressed.

Suppressing these anxieties is easy if OCD has been diagnosed in any patient, sadly many people suffering from it remains secretive about their symptoms and condition. People still live a normal life with it but their daily routines and unrealistic obsessive behavioral pattern might affect their daily activities as it is time consuming as well as irritating( a few repetitive behaviors like constantly spitting or cleaning of nose).

A few of mine is spitting constantly and replaying dirty or irritating images in my head, which of course is the cause of my spitting. When i was little, i could amass saliva on my cheek to the point that my cheek enlarge and starts to drip with spittle. I had no idea why i can't forget things like dog poops, bird poops, dead animals etc. Sometimes i develop skin rashes thinking about these distressing and obsessive thoughts.

Although, most OCD symptoms begins around age 10 and above 23 years, mine started younger around age 6 or 7. Not the way i was raised affected me but genetic factors contributed to it as a number of research pointed out. So while i spit, i keep count of each one of it, at times i could count up to a hundred or more as i do so, its disgusting because i recall my older siblings always giving a fuss about it. My mom knew something was wrong with me so she's always protecting me from my bullying brothers.

A combination of psychotherapy and medication is the popular treatment plan, antibiotic therapy is sometimes needed for OCD linked to streptococcal infection. Furthermore, serotonin reuptake inhibitors are also prescribed to increase the brain's concentration of serotonin, since OCD sufferers have been studied to have less serotonin than an average person.

Be checked up for a proper medical diagnosis to know the best treatment plan for your distinctive case. Thanks for reading.

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