Adventures In Advancement-Now With Fresh Bread!

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A few miles from me there is a fancy, new grocery store. Super 1 Foods is our locally-owned supermarket chain, so of course that means there's one in every largish town in our region. I, for one, was pretty happy when they opened one over in Athol, as that's only about a ten mile drive from my house through exactly zero stoplights.

All Super 1 Foods stores are laid out in a similar manner, with a similar stocking schematic, and thus have a comfortable ambiance that seeps into your bones when one strolls through the sliding glass entry doors. It is the establishment that I tend to frequent when I run out of that one thing, need a specific item for a spontaneous event, or want to eat all manner of horrid for me things on Friday night game night. Yee!

Anyway, when I walked into the grocery mart deluxe yesterday, an interloper was present in the produce section. It looked like an exhibit out of an aerospace and robotics museum. I was drawn in like a nanobot lightning bug to a charging port.

The anomaly snared my attention so thoroughly that I forgot where I was and acted like a cruise boat tourist on a shore excursion. I whipped out my phone faster than an Instagram influencer on a scenic part of a dangerous trail. You see, as a person who loves all things futurist, I had heard of the WilkinsonBreadBot before.


For that was what the chunk of gleaming innovation before me was, a fully automated bread making machine that was designed and invented right here in the Pacific Northwest by Randall Wilkerson. I remember reading about the BreadBot more than a few years ago and got excited about it maybe becoming a thing, so imagine my surprise when I spotted it in my very own local grocery store.

Yes, I nerded out. Hard.

I mean, homemade bread from freshly ground grains is the absolute best thing ever. It is also very labor intensive. The BreadBot does the whole thing, without a human ever touching a single loaf. Well, until they unwrap that yumminess for a snack of course.

You've got the grinding:


The mixing and the proofing:


The roboty McRobot face arm baking the loaves:



And the final packaged pre-sandwich goodness:



Seriously, I mean, how cool is this thing! It reminded me of something Dr. Doofenshmirtz might have conceived, I could even hear him yell, "Behold the Bread Makinator!" Except in this case it actually happens, and it actually works, and the thing can make 235 loaves a day and CLEAN ITSELF! AHHH!

I know people tend to be a bit down about the times we live in, but come on, how cool is it that we have a robot that can make bread! Even though I love to grind my own grains and make my own flour, it's still freaking amazing that I don't have to do all that unless I feel like it, yet if I want that type of bread option I can grab a loaf from the BreadBot.

However, it needs a name. I am more than open to suggestions for a fitting moniker for BB. Any suggestions?

My next trip to the store I will buy a loaf of bread made by the BreadBot and report back on what it tastes like!

And as most of the time, all of the images in this post were taken on the author's much wow, so impressed iPhone.


Wowzers .. almost makes me want to eat bread again.

Ha ha ha! almost lol! That's the only bummer about it for me really, I just don't partake in the bread all that often, but in the name of science I am going to give it a try!

I think only a traditional sour dough would tempt me now and some superb butter:)

Ooh, I so understand that sentiment, sourdough is my all time favorite bread, and I have some homemade butter in the fridge. Dang it, now I am hungry, lol!

homemade ... lucky girl

The storage scheme of very modern, lol made me laugh this sentence "I was drawn like lightning nanobot to a charging port", enjoy every visit. Thanks @generikat for this visually pleasing entry.

Hi and thank you @lupafilotaxia for such a wonderful comment! I am so pleased you enjoyed my weird word construction lol!

Nice way to call inspiration "strange word construction".

Interesting Food technology

It really is!

Well, that's quite the thing! Almost Star Trek replicator like... 😀

If this gives some relief from the mediocrity that is the average sliced bread in supermarkets it would be enough to make me eat carbs again.

That is, if there were one near me.

Isn't supermarket bread the most meh thing ever?! Not that I eat a lot of bread, but the BreadBot might be trying to change that. I feel like a new pants size coming on, lol lol. I'll let you know how it tastes in an upcoming post....

On one hand, it's good that the bread is not terribly palatable, on the other the problem is that I wind up getting the fancy bakery bread.

When they say "best thing since sliced bread" I think part of the benefit there is the automatic portion control, because it's really all or nothing with me and bread that I'm cutting myself.

LOL LOL! You mean you are not supposed to have one loaf be just two slices?

I've heard that, but I don't believe it myself.

On the one hand, it's a sort of cool idea. On the other, making your own has a whole different set of aesthetics... I guess for some people this would be an improvement of what they eat, but knowing how to do it yourself is pretty important...

Oh I so agree. There is something so satisfying about making and baking a loaf of bread from grain to loaf, but then there is the whole oh my gosh squee look at that cool robot bread making thing aspect of it all, lol!

Y'know, I took a couple of photos of that machine a couple of weeks ago with the intent of writing a post about it, but I never did. You have a lot more pictures than I took, and made a much more interesting story about it than I would have! I have purchased at least four loaves of that bread, and it is very, very good, and the price is amazingly reasonable. I consider it a very decent substitute for my own home-baked bread.

Well wow! You have done far better than I in the consumer testing the product department! I am so pleased to hear that you enjoy the BreadBot's offering, now I really want to try it if you like it!

And I like you , thought the price was super reasonable. You should totally compose a post about your experience, it is a totally cool new thing that people would enjoy hearing about, at least I think so.:)

A breadbot??? I am so jealous! I still have to grind my own! My kids like the made by mom type, but, I force store-bought on them sometimes. :))

I am enamored with your bot there, I have only heard of one, I have never seen one in action. Hello, lovely! It has been forever and a day! I don't get out much and thought quarantining meant to stay in my own profile. :))

DS!! Holy Cheesits and salmon spread! How the heck are you? It's so good to see hear from you:)

My kids like the mom made bread too, I am going to do an experiment and see if they can tell the difference between the Breadbot offering and my own, lol lol!

Just wait and see. Theirs is perfect. Mine never is and sliced by hand!

Omg. I am such a loser if i did that!! I thought you quit! I never saw you and decided to leave you a snarky message - except, you were roght where I left [email protected] Hope all is well in Hooterville!! I miss your stories!

Ah, perfect things are overrated! Give me an thing of imperfect beauty every time, it's far more interesting, homemade bread included.:)

I've missed your glorious commentary too, and yes, I'm still chugging away, and will make sure to visit your awesome blog more frequently, I feel all sorts of neglectful friend feelz for not checking in more often...

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