2030 To Mark The Beginning Of The End Of Homo Sapiens

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Cynically speaking, we all can mark our calendars now. What we have been warning about for so many years keeps getting more validated as years go by.

The consensus is to make people believe that life is way too complex for the average human to understand and, that scientists know better to protect humanity from itself. Science, as taught in colleges, is completely flawed because of this attitude and just adds more future problems to those already existing. When looking back, though, scientism (competition/market-driven science) never fixes errors it has caused and still does but asserts that everything is under control.


Here is an example as it becomes increasingly clear that the rush into renewables is not helping the planet at all but Wallstreet insiders. Tons of 'rare earths' must be extracted to meet the demand of the EVs, solar and wind power industries, causing endless and highly toxic pollution at the mining sites and then the challenge to recycle anything because it is either too costly or practically impossible.

So how to trust such experts telling us that they work for the greater good around the clock? Carbon capture has too revealed itself as a worthless concept, we penned an article about it 8 days ago, just scroll down our front page.

The deception is rather massive.

Of course, and unless it is designed that way to satisfy some dark intent to take us "there", we are on a freight train driving at full speed toward the precipice. The beginning of the end of the Homo Sapiens is now a mere 10 years ahead of us, folks. This is real now. Those are no longer mere speculations nor Hollywood scenarios.

Such a turning point cannot translate positively because everything was done by subterfuge while pretending to save lives. And now we're about to give our consent away to move up to the next step: the invasion of our bodies by nanotech and programmable matter alike.

Yes once upon a time, actually more than 20 years ago, we too believed that "immortality" was cool and even blogged about it, promoting it. But we eventually ran into 'Engines of Creation' written by Drexler and we quickly gave up with this idea, because the further we investigated the more we also understood that threats increase exponentially as science progresses and therefore must become more and more controlling.

This is the catch 22.

We insist that you read Drexler whose book you can download at the archive.org link below and seriously recommend that you start with the chapter: Engines of Destruction first, so you will not get carried away by the promises of nanotech.

"Grey Goo" is not a paranoid projection at all and could be unleashed by a few high-level hackers with quantum computers. Idealists also get a lot smarter, regardless of their motives.

The more we want to know the more we have the power to self-annihilate. Challenges keep adding up, this is the Karma of Knowledge to make us think of our next step deeply before acting on anything. Not all knowledge is worth developing either but we live in a free-will universe and there is an important choice lying ahead.

Assuming that everything will unfold positively when misled since day 1 is not very rational. And even more so when told that there is nothing we can do to avoid what is coming, that our fate is to merge with machines or face obsolescence. This is utterly coercive.

That's the ultimate threat if you really ponder for a few moments because it involves a whole species.

Any civilization that made it through the technological age must have been completely transparent from the start and has resolved any competition issue, gotten rid of its top-down societal model first. Every inhabitant has remained sovereign. And must have assigned to AI very specific and limited tasks only. AI depends on algorithms to learn after all.

Giving up our privacy is the Trojan Horse and General Intelligence will seek to colonize all lifeforms.

In short, this is very bad news and hope that you will make the right choice. What comes after 2030 is nothing like you think it will be. Nothing.

Yes, on a more positive note, we'd all enjoy a healthy 200-year lifespan, and think we'd achieve that with stem cells only in the near future, but at some point, we all have to reunite with the Source. Sooner or later.

Magnetic Spray Transforms Objects Into Millirobots

Does the idea of miniature, insect-scale robots swarming toward their intended duties inside your body make your skin crawl? https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/magnetic-spray-turns-tiny-objects-into-millirobots

(NOV 2020) In 10 years, nanobots in your blood might keep you from getting sick or even transmit your thoughts to a wireless cloud. https://interestingengineering.com/nanobots-will-be-flowing-through-your-body-by-2030

Engines of creation by Drexler, K. Eric


I remember the good old days when you first joined three years ago and said we all had 5-7 years left. Now it is three years later and you say we have 9 years left.


Make up your mind!

yes, the total crash is for 2021 and the event will happen faster than what I said... as for AI, it is ALREADY starting with the vaccine certificate.. and the cyber control of societies... we have LESS 1 year left to change that... nothing happens overnight, it is a slow process that is already occuring

So a few days after you post, you have decided in your magnificence, that we no longer have 9 years or 7 years, but now only one.

Forgive me if I take your predictions with a grain of salt.