Flies and their explanations part 1

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One of the insect species that humans hate the most is the fly, although there are other species that are more annoying, but the fly is one of the insect species that is often examined by each expert.

His fame among humans led many people to do research about him. So many observations are written in Papers, Skripsi, and Thesis, which explain at length about their discussion in carrying out activities vigorously about their behavior.

So to get to know him more about everything he does, then in this blog will be explained briefly and precisely in knowing a few things about all his activities. When when we know him further, we will know how to drive him from a location that is prohibited for him.

This blog will discuss about:

  1. Definition of flies
  2. The characteristics of flies
  3. Classification of flies.

Maybe by knowing these 3 points found in self flies, it can add to your scientific insights in getting to know them in a basic way.

1. Definition of flies

Flies are one of the insect species classified into the Diptera Order, this sentence was adopted from one of the Greek languages ​​which when interpreted into our language is wings. So, the meaning of this Diptera generally means to fly using two wings.

Flies also have a body posture that is almost similar to other insect species, which belong to the same Order. In the human eye in describing it, that he has a short and slender body, every part of his body is able to adapt to the movement of air, so he is very smart in utilizing something in free air. His posture consists of,

a. head
b. consists
c. Ocelli
d. antenna
e. compound eyes
f. and parts of the mouth or often termed as

labrum, labium, mandible, and maxilla.

The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) through the Zoologicum Bogoriense Museum (MZB) which observes insect species, said that flies have heads that can move with the eyes and most have large compound eyes on the left and right sides of their heads, with three small ocelli on. So that he is able to accurately detect the movement of light coming from around him. The accuracy of his eye-catching majmuk is able to avoid something that is considered dangerous to him.

So it is not surprising to humans why flies are so difficult to catch with their bare hands.

2. The characteristics of flies

When we discuss the characteristics of flies, we will of course discuss:

a. Physical characteristics
b. The food
c. Danger of his presence
d. Impact of his presence
e. and other things that can get to know him more closely.

If we will discuss it in detail then there is not enough time to classify it, but what we will discuss here is the impact of its presence and the effect of all its behavior.

In general, accepting it in human life is very bad, because this fly has bad and dirty characteristics, because it really likes to be in a location that is hated by humans such as:

a. At the unclean disposal site (Najis)
b. On each body of the carcass
c. Dirty pus and blood
d. In every unclean (taik) animal and human
e. On every human doplet
f. and other objects that are considered jorok and dirty.

If it is concluded as a whole it can be said that, it is very identical to animals that endanger humans, especially in terms of health because when it comes down to human food it has indirectly added some viruses or bad bacteria to the food that it wants to be eaten by humans.
This is because the fly's own feet, there are bacteria or viruses from the site from the location mentioned above. So that the food is directly contaminated with bad bacteria or viruses.

It is true that the fly itself is not one of the insects that can hurt the skin with its bite, but its behavior that makes our food contaminated or becomes a vector for various dangerous diseases, which exceeds the bite of other venomous animals.

Why is it dangerous? Because the presence of flies can transmit

more than 100 pathogens

Thus making the human body unhealthy or experiencing disease. The perch is no exception in a clean or dirty location, but it is very often on any object that they think can be used as food.

To be continue...

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