Alien 👽 invasion

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Hi guys. I saw @mindtrap's post yesterday and decided to do a small pen sketch today😂. And also talk a little about the possibility of extraterrestrial life out there in space.

I first did a sketch of the alien using an HB pencil, then shaded with a blue pen.


When i was 17, looking at the millions of beautiful stars✨ ✨ in the night sky. I've always wandered and asked if there is life just like ours out there. Not just life, but intelligent life with well advanced technology. My journey began when i was 19 when rumors of UFO's(Unidentified Flying Objects) were flying around. Being a lover of science. I began reading more about planets, their satellites, stars and many other things. In 2013, the exo-planet Kepler 62f 🌏 was discovered which is just like earth and potentially habitable due to the strategic position it occupies to its star(which is a red dwarf star🔴). Some even say it's a water world. Meh 😑. But this guy is around 1200 light years away. Lol human technology can't beat that distance. In august 2016, another exo planet that can support life was discovered, proxima centauri B which orbits the closest star to our sun Proximate Centauri just about 4.2 light years away... Perhaps the one place our technology today can visit within our life time.

All these are within the observable part of our milky way galaxy. No one knows what's in store in other parts and thousands of galaxies out there which contains billions of stars. In my opinion, we're not alone in the Cosmos. If aliens with higher intelligence are out there, then it's just a matter of time before we get to find them... Or they find us. If it's the later, then their technology would be superb and opulent. And maybe an invasion 😝. Lol for you to have that kinda tech that can cross vast distance between stars, then you should have what it takes to produce what you need to survive on your own. Unless you're looking for a new home, then you'll have to move.


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