Did Nvidia sabotage their own product?

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Nvidia recently announced their RTX 3000 series graphic cards. The 3000 series promises performance improvements that haven't been seen since 2004. Even the lowest product in the line up the 3070 for $499 outperforms their previous 2080 Ti $1,299 card. I have seen a lot of frustrated customers on Reddit and Twitter who recently purchased the $1,200 2080 Ti only to see a $499 card make it obsolete.

Nvidia released three new GPUs, the 3070, 3080, and 3090. The 3070 and 3080 are priced competitively against previous products but the 3090 is $1,500 and is 10% better than the 3080 at best yet more than twice the price. The 3090 is clearly targeted to workstation users and not gamers, but Nvidia continues to market the 3090 as the top of the line 8K gaming solution.

Enter AMD, the rivalry between Nvidia and AMD is legendary and AMD came packing this time around. In the past Nvidia has consistently outperformed and outclassed AMD (reminds me of Intel) but this time around AMD releases a product that competes with the 3090 for $500 less!

The AMD 6900 XT has shown similar performance as the 3090 for only $999 compared to Nvidia's 3090 at $1,499.


As you can see above, AMD frequently outperforms the Nvidia 3090 for 66% of the price. If you have an AMD Ryzen 5000 series you will experience even more performance due to memory access performance improvements.

Here is where things get sketchy. There was rumors of a 3080 Ti with 20 Gb of ram (twice the 3080's 10 Gb) since the launch of the 3080. Shortly later those products are cancelled. Then comes AMD's announcement of the 6000 XT series and rumors from a trusted source announces a $999 3080 Ti releasing in January.

I won't even talk about the fact most people can't get a hold of a 3080 if they wanted to right now and not likely until Q1 or Q2 next year. Ok, I did talk about that...

If the Nvidia 3090 is only 10% or less faster than the 3080 for $1,499, what is the 3080 Ti going to be for $999? I won't be a 6900 XT killer unless it does better than the 3090 by at least 2-3%. What does that mean for customers who spent $1,499 on the 3090? If it is not as fast as the 3090 to keep the 3090 the flagship product, surely it isn't worth the nearly 50% mark up from the 3080 as the 3090 wouldn't even be worth it for $999.

Competition is good, and GPU prices have gotten out of hand. I'm ok seeing Nvida and AMD duke it out and have to come out with better more aggressive products. But this is pretty pathetic to be honest and isn't fair to customers who spent $1,499 on a GPU that has been mis-marketed to desperate consumers.

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That is pretty crazy. I have always been an NVIDIA loyalist, but those numbers from AMD are pretty impressive. I have been happy with my GTX 1080 Ti for while now, but at $499, it might be worth the upgrade to one of the newer Nvidia cards when they become more available. Have you ever used an AMD card? I ordered an Ubiquiti Dream Machine the other day so I am probably going to be busy playing with that for the foreseeable future.

Me in the corner who's watching all this but just ordered his first GPU for $200. Now if only the 5600X would come in stock.

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man, these big techs are always fighting to the edge. but their one thing good about this is that consumer get best of best don't we