Numerical analysis approach to twin primes conjecture

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Finally my math paper is online 🌈


Has anyone solved the twin prime conjecture yet, or is it still considered unsolved?

Unsolved, but my paper maybe a good step towards...

It is easy to show that Twin Prime conjecture is true for an arbitrarily large set of prime numbers. I never figured out why the arbitrarily large set argument wasn't sufficient to prove that it was true for all prime numbers.

In fact in this paper I use a smart tricky. The Erathosthenes table is expanded in an arbitrarily large set and then I associate to it a counting twin prime function. Secondly it easy to prove that this function is a growing function...

I penned a short post on the Twin Prime Conjecture that might start a conversation about your work.

My piece simply points out that being true for a arbitrarily large set does not mean that it is true for an infinite set.


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Thank you @yintercept for your interest! I suggest you to integrate your short post with my paper. You can explain that in my paper, figuring out a punctual distribution as Li Gauss Function, you can demonstrate that counting twin primes function is positive.
It is a little result but I think that the numerical approach to expand the Sieve can be used to solve similar problems.