The Wows of Nature - Macrography Contest by @ntopaz

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ntopaz-image-0This is my second entry for the Macrography Contest by @ntopaz!

We found a cicada hanging out on our porch along with it’s exoskeleton. I think it’s so intriguing how detailed this outer layer is with the imprints of what once occupied it.

If you look closely you can see the slit in which the cicada came out. It’s amazing to me how this layer stays intact even after they have left it. The things of nature are truly amazing to explore!

Camera Used: Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

If you would like to participate in this contest you can submit up to 3 works! The deadline to enter is August 9th! For more details please visit the contest overview listed here...

Thank You for Viewing :)

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Great shot @crosheille Beautiful gold and silver colors
[nTOPAZ curator]

Thank you so much! Your support is greatly appreciated!

That's a great click right there

Thank you ~ ☺️

Amazing, you got great detail in that photo!

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Thanks very much ~

Que foto!! Esta tremenda. que buena cámara, que buen momento que la viste, estos concursos han hecho que uno agudice la vista, y descubrir insectos extraños, raros.

Muchas gracias! Estoy agradecido por nuestra cámara y por poder capturar estos momentos de la naturaleza.

Wow - that is so neat! It IS funny how we don't really pay attention to the beauty of nature in this detail. Love this 💕

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It really is! We can see all kinds of things if we just slow down and really look. Thank you ~


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Wow! It looks so cool! Nice shot!

I appreciate it! Thanks so much!