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These days in the news hear a lot about NFTs , despite all this great popularity, many people don't know what they really are despite all this great popularity, just like a painting by Dalie, NTFs are unique objects and in addition stored on the blockchain and can be exchanged. NFTs sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions. Names like CryptoPunks, Beeple, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club are synonymous with some of the most expensive NFTs available today. Some are generalists and others sell products with specific themes. The first NFTs were part of the Ethereum blockchain, which stores additional electronic information to distinguish their uniqueness. Other blockchains now also facilitate NFTs. Due to the different blockchain technologies used for certain NFTs, not all NFT marketplaces buy and sell all types of NFTs.

Most NFT platforms require buyers to have a digital wallet and to use cryptocurrencies to pay for their purchases. Some are generalists and others sell products with specific themes. You will find Below is a list of the best NFT markets, handpicked with their descriptions, key stats and website links. This list contains both free (Open Source) and commercial (paid) marketplaces.


Makersplace is an NFT site founded in 2019 that helps you discover and collect unique digital creations. Makersplace empowers digital creators, like artists, photographers, writers, etc. This NFT marketplace is open for all. It also offers a service that makes blockchain technology simple to provide its benefits to all creators.Founded: 2019 Blockchain(s): Ethereum Supported Currencies: ETH Wallet Support: Portis, Fortmatic, MetaMask, and WalletConnect. Smart Contract Import: No Type of Sales: Auctions, Fixed price auctions, etc. Split Payment Support: Yes



Rarible is a community NFT marketplace, whose “owners” hold the ERC-20 RARI token. Rarible awards the RARI token to active users of the platform, who buy or sell on the NFT marketplace. It distributes 75,000 RARI every week.The platform places particular emphasis on artistic assets. Creators can use Rarible to create new NFTs to sell their creations, whether it's books, music albums, digital art, or movies. The creator can even show a preview of their creation to everyone who comes to Rarible, but limit the full project to the buyer.Rarible allows you to buy and sell NFTs in categories such as art, photography, games, metaverses, music, domains, memes, etc.

                                          Binance NFT

Binance NFT marketplace is a platform to create, buy, and sell NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). It was launched in June 2021.These NFT assets include music, digital items, videos, website domains, and real-world objects. It also allows users to transfer NFTs between 2 blockchains.Fees: 1% fee for transacting on the Binance NFT Marketplace.Wallet Support: Trust Wallet, MathWallet, MetaMask, and Binance Chain Wallet.Types of Sales: Art, Sports, Gaming, Collectibles, Entertainment, etc. They use Ethereum blockchain.


                    is a leading NFT marketplace that offers users a safe, secure, and reliable way to buy, sell, and trade their digital assets. Over 150,000 items have been traded on’s marketplace. It supports PEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP. MP4 formats. Enables creators to earn royalties on resales.Blockchain: Chain Token Support: All Wallet Support: Supports major payment methods Fees: 15% Primary Listing Fee Smart Contract Import: Yes Types of Sales: Art, Celebrities, Gaming, Music, Sports, etc.


                            enables you to easily sell or purchase an NFT. It also allows NFT to be redeemed for a good or service. It enables cross-chain trading between ethereum and Solana. Blockchain: Ethereum and Solana, token Support: All
Wallet Support: Supports major payment methods, Fees: 5% fee to the buyer and the seller. Smart Contract Import: No Types of Sales: Contemporary Art, Celebrities, Gaming, Music, Sports, etc



OpenSea is one of the famous marketplaces for NFT art and collectibles. In this NFT platform, you will find rare forms of art like virtual land or pets. OpenSea also allows you to buy NFTs using several virtual currencies, like ETH and DAI.Blockchain: Polygon and Ethereum.Token Support: ERC-721, ERC-1155 Wallet Support: WalletConnect and MetaMask. Fees: Lazy minting + 2.5% marketplace fee for each sale. Smart Contract Import: Yes Types of Sales: Art, Music, Photography, Dutch auctions, Fixed price auctions, and open offers. Split Payment Support: No



                                       Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is an NFT marketplace that releases collections from top artists using drops. These collections are accessible only for a limited period.
On this NFT website, you can view the timer showing when the next drop will take place. Artists can decide the royalty fee they will take on secondary sales. This NFT platform takes a 20% fee plus 30 Cents from each secondary sale. Blockchain: Ethereum.Token Support: Proprietary Wallet Support: Fiat only Fees: 20% marketplace fee Smart Contract Import: No Types of Sales: Crypto art, Music, Photography, Fixed price auctions, etc.




Foundation is a platform for uniting artists, curators, and collectors. This NFT platform helps content creators to view the list of current bids made by investors in Ethereum. This NFT marketplace also has a list of Featured Artworks. All the auctions on this NFT online platform have an automatic timer attached to them. Moreover, artists can check out popular creators. They will receive details about their joining period, number of creations, followers, social media profile links, website URL, etc. You can only make payments using Ethereum on this platform.Blockchain: ETH Blockchain Token Support: Proprietary and ERC-721sWallet Support: MetaMask, and Torus. Fees: Gas fees + additional 15% marketplace fee. Smart Contract Import: No Types of Sales: Art, Music, Photography, Auctions, etc. Collaboration/Split Payment Support: Yes




SuperRare is an NFT site that mainly focuses on being a marketplace for people to buy and sell unique and single-edition digital artworks. An artist authentically creates each artwork in the network, which is tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item.



Solanart is an NFT site that allows you to browse the collection and buy the NFT you want. It also allows you to easily sell the NFTs of the collections listed on Solanart. This NFT platform charges a 3% marketplace fee on the selling price of every transaction.




Decentraland is a fully decentralized virtual world where you can create and make money on the things you make and own.
This NFT marketplace offers a range of digital assets, like wearables, estates, names, etc. You can buy and sell virtual lands in Decentraland, personalize your properties, and store them in a smart contract based on Ethereum.



                                                     NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is a widely popular marketplace owned by the NBA, launched in 2020. It allows you to buy their special NBA highlights, and you can own them as a digital collectible. This NFT marketplace also provides a certification that gives the buyer authenticity and ownership rights of that exclusive moment.



                                                 Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an NFT powered video game that hosts the second-largest NFT marketplace, with a total digital trading volume of more than $2.1 billion on Dappradar. The Axie marketplace allows you to exclusively trade Pokémon-like digital pets that players can buy and trade on the Axie Marketplace using MetaMask wallet.




KnownOrigin is an online NFT marketplace where you can find and purchase rare digital crypto artworks. On this NFT platform, artists can display, promote, and sell every piece of digital art directly to true collectors. Blockchain(s): ETH Token Support: ERC-721 Wallet Support: Fortmatic, MetaMask, and Portis. Fees: Gas fees + 15% marketplace fee Smart Contract Import: No Types of Sales: Art, Games, Sports, etc.Split Payment Support: Yes



Mintable is a Singapore-based NFT marketplace where you can search, buy, and sell non-fungible tokens. This NFT marketplace offers various categories of NFTs that include art, game items, collectibles, and music. This NFT site also displays the top NFTs on the homepage. Blockchain(s): Zilliqa, Ethereum, Token support: ERC-721 Supported Currencies: ETH Wallet Support: MetaMask Smart Contract Import: No Types of Sales: Art, Game items, Collectibles, and Music.




BakerySwap is an automated marketplace and decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It uses a native BakerySwap token (BAKE). This NFT Marketplace is a multi-functional crypto hub that offers a range of decentralized finance (DeFi) services, a crypto launchpad, and non-fungible tokens. You can also use NFTs in ‘Combo Meals’ to earn bonus BAKE tokens.



                                            Async Art

Async is a non-fungible token artwork marketplace founded in February 2020. Apart from buying and selling NFTs, this NFT platform allows you to create your own NFT tokens. This NFT platform also helps art creators to easily define their artwork’s appearance and behavior.




Enjin is an NFT marketplace where you can find and trade everything from rare digital arts to branded crypto-collectibles. You can also use the Enjin wallet to list and purchase gaming items and collectibles.

                                           Version Espagnol

** En estos días en las noticias se escucha mucho sobre los NFT, a pesar de toda esta gran popularidad, muchas personas no saben lo que realmente son a pesar de toda esta gran popularidad, al igual que una pintura de Dalie, los NTF son objetos únicos y además almacenados en la cadena de bloques y se puede intercambiar. Los NFT se venden por cientos de miles de dólares, incluso millones. Nombres como CryptoPunks, Beeple y Bored Ape Yacht Club son sinónimos de algunos de los NFT más caros disponibles en la actualidad. Algunos son generalistas y otros venden productos con temas específicos. Los primeros NFT formaban parte de la cadena de bloques Ethereum, que almacena información electrónica adicional para distinguir su singularidad. Otras cadenas de bloques ahora también facilitan las NFT. Debido a las diferentes tecnologías de cadena de bloques utilizadas para ciertos NFT, no todos los mercados de NFT compran y venden todos los tipos de NFT.**

La mayoría de las plataformas NFT requieren que los compradores tengan una billetera digital y usen criptomonedas para pagar sus compras. Algunos son generalistas y otros venden productos con temas específicos. Encontrará a continuación una lista de los mejores mercados NFT, cuidadosamente seleccionados con sus descripciones, estadísticas clave y enlaces a sitios web. Esta lista contiene mercados gratuitos (de código abierto) y comerciales (de pago).


**Makersplace es un sitio de NFT fundado en 2019 que lo ayuda a descubrir y recopilar creaciones digitales únicas. Makersplace empodera a los creadores digitales, como artistas, fotógrafos, escritores, etc. Este mercado de NFT está abierto para todos. También ofrece un servicio que simplifica la tecnología blockchain para brindar sus beneficios a todos los creadores. Fundado: 2019 Blockchain(s): Ethereum Supported Currencies: ETH Wallet Support: Portis, Fortmatic, MetaMask y WalletConnect. Importación de contrato inteligente: no Tipo de ventas: subastas, subastas de precio fijo, etc. Soporte de pago dividido: sí **


Súper raro

SuperRare es un sitio de NFT que se enfoca principalmente en ser un mercado para que las personas compren y vendan obras de arte digitales únicas y de una sola edición. Un artista crea auténticamente cada obra de arte en la red, que se tokeniza como un artículo digital coleccionable criptográfico.



Solanart es un sitio de NFT que le permite explorar la colección y comprar el NFT que desee. También le permite vender fácilmente los NFT de las colecciones que figuran en Solanart. Esta plataforma NFT cobra una tarifa de mercado del 3 % sobre el precio de venta de cada transacción.




Decentraland es un mundo virtual completamente descentralizado donde puedes crear y ganar dinero con las cosas que haces y posees.
Este mercado de NFT ofrece una variedad de activos digitales, como dispositivos portátiles, propiedades, nombres, etc. Puede comprar y vender terrenos virtuales en Decentraland, personalizar sus propiedades y almacenarlas en un contrato inteligente basado en Ethereum.



                                                     Tiro superior de la NBA

NBA Top Shot es un mercado muy popular propiedad de la NBA, lanzado en 2020. Le permite comprar sus mejores momentos especiales de la NBA y puede poseerlos como un coleccionable digital. Este mercado de NFT también proporciona una certificación que otorga al comprador la autenticidad y los derechos de propiedad de ese momento exclusivo.



axie infinito

Axie Infinity es un videojuego basado en NFT que alberga el segundo mercado NFT más grande, con un volumen total de operaciones digitales de más de $2100 millones en Dappradar. El mercado de Axie le permite intercambiar exclusivamente mascotas digitales similares a Pokémon que los jugadores pueden comprar e intercambiar en el mercado de Axie usando la billetera MetaMask.



                                       Origen conocido

** KnownOrigin es un mercado de NFT en línea donde puede encontrar y comprar obras de arte criptográficas digitales raras. En esta plataforma NFT, los artistas pueden exhibir, promocionar y vender cada pieza de arte digital directamente a verdaderos coleccionistas. Blockchain(s): ETH Token Support: ERC-721 Wallet Support: Fortmatic, MetaMask y Portis. Tarifas: tarifas de gas + 15 % de tarifa de mercado Importación de contrato inteligente: no Tipos de ventas: arte, juegos, deportes, etc. Soporte de pago dividido: sí**



Mintable es un mercado NFT con sede en Singapur donde puede buscar, comprar y vender tokens no fungibles. Este mercado de NFT ofrece varias categorías de NFT que incluyen arte, artículos de juegos, coleccionables y música. Este sitio de NFT también muestra los principales NFT en la página de inicio. Blockchain(s): Zilliqa, Ethereum, Token compatible: ERC-721 Monedas admitidas: ETH Wallet Support: MetaMask Smart Contract Importación: No Tipos de ventas: arte, artículos de juegos, coleccionables y música.




BakerySwap es un mercado automatizado y un intercambio descentralizado en Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Utiliza un token BakerySwap nativo (BAKE). Este NFT Marketplace es un centro criptográfico multifuncional que ofrece una variedad de servicios financieros descentralizados (DeFi), una plataforma de lanzamiento criptográfico y tokens no fungibles. También puede usar NFT en 'comidas combinadas' para ganar tokens BAKE de bonificación.




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