Hackers use Russian site servers to mine cryptocurrencies, according to the National Coordination Center

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For computer accidents in the FSB, several cases of mining were recorded secretly in the servers of Russian sites, where mining cryptocurrency mining virus was replaced by other stronger and difficult to track malicious programs due to the strength of the cryptographic algorithms of mining viruses, as these malicious
programs consume 80 % Of the host machine resources that do not work in mining operations, which would make it difficult to
discover these programs, and thus this negatively affects any device hosting the virus and reduces its lifespan. According to the report, their activity is not limited to servers or large or medium-sized companies, but they also attack ordinary users: by mining through browsers while visiting the hacked web pages and injected with mining codes, or if the site owner has planted these codes on his site, so Mozilla Firefox is finding some security solutions to protect its browser from participating in mining operations. Or through mining viruses that attack ordinary user devices directly, as more than 50,000 new infections were recorded in the past year only for ordinary user devices. Giant devices (servers and government servers) often excite the gamers of these hackers because they are the strongest in mining and the most cost-effective, so that harmful malware programs have been created specifically for giant devices and systems, and they are often not discovered unless the level of security experts in that company is very high, and that Because of its strong encryption structure. Most of these injuries and accidents were recorded in Russia and its servers, and the matter extended to reach the devices and servers of the Russian nuclear reactors, as these viruses mining for several years before they were discovered in mining activities ...! And the report stated that more than half of the American private and public institutions were exposed to ransomware in 2019, and here comes the difference between mining and ransomware, as if ransomware infects your computer, it will encrypt your files and ask you for money at once in return for giving you the encryption key , While mining viruses operate confidentially and safely in the host machine, perhaps for months or years without noticing or suspicious behavior (your device may be dear reader or my device is infected with mining viruses without any knowledge).
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