Blockchain-based Voting System: A Panacea to Elections Misconduct and Violence in Nigeria

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Over the years, the height of misconduct and violence during elections in Nigeria has really been alarming and so God-awful. In many cases, the nation has recorded numerous inconclusive elections and disasters such as fire outbreaks, chaos, loss of lives and properties etc.

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It is usually so saddening to hear that people who went out to cast their votes end up be killed or wounded in the progress. All these occur because of the corrupt politicians who want power by all means and the senseless youths who submit themselves to be used for evil and inhumane acts.

As a result of this increasing and continuous violence during elections and voting, quite a number of Nigerians have been forced to refrain from participating in voting. Some parents advice their children to not even go out on the election days for fear of being shot. Some have completely lost interest in election; they do not care who wins or not.

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Suffice me to say that this decrease and gradual reduction in voter participation is in no way contributing to the nation’s growth and development. To some extent, it is hindering the nation's growth in that the elections is usually not free and fair and some emerging winners achieve that by crook.

Sadly, the nation is not concerned about how this situation has effort has not been made to eradicate election violence. Some research show Nigeria as top in election violence. Thus, there is a growing need to consider as well as employ better and safer voting patterns and methods so as to tackle this inauspicious situation in Nigeria. In view of this, Blockchain-based Voting System proves to be a likely antidote.

Considering what blockchain brings to the fore, violence will completely be eradicated during elections and voting will no longer be done offline but online. It will also bring transparency, security, openness etc. With blockchain, votes count will no more be tempered with either changing or modifying. Above all, it will certainly increase voter participation.

Although this pattern of voting has its own disadvantages, it still proves to be a better option and the nation should do well to consider and employ blockchain-based voting systems.

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