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RE: Nigeria Records First COVID-19 Death, More Gloomy Days Ahead

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I have a deep respect for people who have strong faith, perhaps because I do not, but I am also quite afraid of them because they are often irrational and I have no idea what madness they are capable of. The fact that a virus is not going to reach you through a magical object or a magical-religious ritual, can lead to an increase in cases and deaths.

I am sorry to hear about the delayed reaction in the actions of the government, unfortunately that has also happened in various parts of the world and has shown terrible consequences, I think that even if the government acts, but the population does not collaborate, well then things They are not going to go well, I have for this the example of Italy, Spain and the United States of America.

Take great care and try to comply with the protection measures, it is what we can do as long as there is no effective medicine against this disease.


Thanks for sharing these comforting words of yours. I really do hope that the whole world gets over this as soon as possible. Please stay safe too and be happy.