Report on the use of funds from NFT for Peace, March 23-24 (Updated)

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NFT for Peace initiative introduced by incredible guys from @hivebuzz team has collected 650 + 695 HIVE for first 2 days.

After the conversion on the cryptocurrency exchange, I received BUSD 672 and USDT 673 in total.

After the sale it was UAH 19,704 (March 23) and UAH 22,995 (March 23), or UAH 42,699 in total.



The first amount was spent on food: milk, bread, cheese, fish, beets, caviar spread, cereals. Volunteer Angelina 👼 will take it to lonely old people living on the outskirts of Kyiv, and to trauma medical staff who in fact work and "live" in the hospital.


These grandmothers are like a family to her now. While her grandmother is somewhere far away...

The second amount was transferred to Kyiv cycling team of volunteers. Their feature is the delivery of food and medicines exclusively on bicycles.

Yesterday, they sent UAH 500 to help the Kyiv firefighter, who was very badly injured. Their fire truck exploded on a mine while driving to extinguish the fire.

Another UAH 500 to a 21-year-old mother from Chernihiv, who had a premature birth when war begun. She had to leave her hometown with a premature baby after a rocket hit her home. She's safe now, the baby is in the hospital.


Update from 23 Mar. Egor with a friend from Kyiv cycling team bought more medicine today.


I will add an update on the rest of the money as soon as I receive information.

We have a remarkable number of good, kind people here on Hive who are helping, and supporting, and staying with Ukraine. I am grateful to all of you on behalf of all Ukrainians.


Incredible work, so happy to see people are getting help from hive too...

It's so nice to see that our community is united and helping those in need. Imagine how hard it would be to send money, food and supplies to those in need, without this blockchain and crypto.

What you do for people can't be expressed with words, honestly. I don't know where you are taking the strength from, but you are an angel and an example for all of us. We have a lot to learn from you. Every time I have an obstacle in my way and don't like something, instead of complaining, I'm telling myself to shut up, get myself together and solve the problem as there are others in much worse situation.


Just bought my second NFT and the money is going to those in need.

Stay safe my dear, keep up the good work as it is priceless. Sending love to you and your family! ♥️🤗

It's so nice to see that our community is united and helping those in need. Imagine how hard it would be to send money, food and supplies to those in need, without this blockchain and crypto

I wish I could express my thoughts so well! When I need to write something important, I find it hard to find the words.

You are showing a lot of support for all Ukrainian community, and I am so grateful to you!!


This is awesome @zirochka. I am glad you are safe and the HIVE community has been helping since the get-go. Seriously, you are no less than a hero. Reading this post put a huge smile on my face. You deserve more. I really cannot imagine what is life like over there right now. It is tough, that is all I know. My friends from Kharkiv keep updating me and sometimes I am in loss for words. Some have even moved to the West but are reluctant to leave their husbands and move to Europe. The support from HIVE is incredible and I am so happy for your safety. Keep pushing! I wish you more strength and safety!!

Thank you very much. I can see that m money was very good invested!

It's a honor for me.

So pleased that mum and baby are safe. You are all doing a wonderful job and very brave. ❤

Great to make your acquaintance again. Hope you are doing good, the amount of work you are putting out shall be repaid to you in good number. Hope you are safe and well!

Huge fan, even under the circumstances. Love what you are doing!
💪 Keep that HUGE HIVE strength!

Society is here to prove to everyone else that does not believe in the new future, how this will evolve. The strongest ones will prevail as always but in this case, the strongest will not be necessarily the healthiest ones or the most social known ones...

Over time, the social digital era will teach the next generations that the value lies in a new sense of life and collaboration that goes behind borders and maybe one day, worlds!

I am not a god believer, even being who I am... but all I wish is for this to end, with Ukraine winning the stmartest way. I never visited Ukraine... please don't destroy it. 😥

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Дякую за величезну працю! Приємно бачити, як ви працюєте заради людей!

Thank you for sharing these images and the breakdowns of where the HIVE collected from the NFT for Peace donations were distributed! Excellent choices! @zirochka 💙💛☮🇺🇦🙏

Thanks for the update and it's great to see funds going directly to those in need. Donating to well known charities may not get through to these individuals so quickly it at all, so thanks to everyone on the ground. Angelina is truly an Angel. As you are as well.

I have a post due for payout in 3 days time and I have set the beneficiary to you and scrodinger. Hopefully the additional funds will help.

Take care 💖

Thank you so much for your generosity! I am going to share some photos of what we have bought for crypto that i received as payout and donations.

Donating to well known charities may not get through to these individuals so quickly it at all

By the way. I found an interesting info concerning Red Cross. People donate to them thinking that they help Ukrainian people. It was well surprising to read that International Red Cross don't work here, don't help to organize humanitarian corridors, don't allow Ukrainian Red Cross to use their symbolics. They were going to open their office in Russia to send help from there to Ukraine. This is all very strange. I don't know how to check this, but I read it from different sources here.

mmm... I googled that piece of news about Red Cross opening an office in Russia, and yes their approach does seem kind of odd, to create a safe passage via Russia. Why not create the safe passage in other parts of the country where Ukrainians can escape to safer countries? The only reason I can think of is maybe there are people still trapped in Donbas and genuinely need support. even went as far as saying the ICRC sided with Russia!. However, none of the other mainstream news channels have reported it that way.

Ukrainian-Russian people still need save passage out of Donetsk/Lugansk. Passage into Ukraine would not be save, so they have to go to Russia.

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Let's make the world peace and help other people in needs via our cryptocurrency world


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What a great blessing. We can still believe that there are huge hearts.... Kisses... 💖

Great job my friend.

This is simply amazing and very insightful. A good innovation to make donations with crypto. Hope you add more wallets across the blockchain platforms so I can easily make payments from my non-custodial wallet App from, this is so cool.

Good one

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