Report #8 on the use of funds from NFT for Peace

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Have you already got your NFT for Peace badge? Its cost starts from 5 HIVE. For this symbolic price, YOU can join the great initiative of our free HIVE community, which is designed to help civilians in Ukraine affected by the horrible and brutal war, contrary to the laws and customs of war. Every single and small donation matters, because civilians become victims every day.

Just go to the , specify your username and switch to NFT FOR PEACE tab. Good deeds always come back.


Thanks to you, NFT for Peace initiative from @hivebuzz has raised 390.701 HIVE during the reporting period. These funds were transferred to me as Donation #10.


After the conversion and sale on the cryptocurrency exchange, it amounted to UAH 7,176.


Every time I ask myself - where do these small amount is more needed - Kharkiv or Zaporizhia? There is no answer, I can't decide which of their heartbreaking stories is more important. And I don't wish you to make a choice like this, ever.


UAH 4,000 (3+1) was sent to Kharkiv volunteers and UAH 3,176 to Zaporizhia.


AF of Ukraine continue to free Kharkiv region. They pushed back the enemy, but the city is still being shelled. Ukrainians are awesome! Despite of the danger a few thousand people return to the city every day. Public transport slowly start ruтning.

As the settlements are liberated, the terrible truth is revealed about the rape of children, the killing of civilians, about the senseless destruction of schools, hospitals, churches and infrastructure. People are trying to pick up the pieces of their broken lives. About 4.2 thousand people continue to live in the metro. Hundreds have lost their homes, have no place to cook food, and many do not have water or electricity.

Now these volunteers are their only hope.


Today I put a lot of photos. Just look at them, into the eyes of people, and at the buildings on the background. All these photos were taken by 4.5.0.Kharkiv volunteers at the spots where they delivery hot meal and food sets. They cook with love, put vegetables and greenery, and meat, just like they do for own family. ❤️






Most of the area is occupied. Volunteers do not stop trying to transfer bread that they themselves bake, pasta, cereals, and medicines to the occupied towns and villages - Bedryansk, Vasylivka, Melitopol. At least a little, because people there sometimes have absolutely nothing to eat. But life goes on. Women give birth to children and their strongest desire is to keep them alive and healthy.

Do not misunderstand me. Of course, these funds are not enough to buy food. But they can buy fuel, which has risen in price by 1.5 times and is still in big deficit.

When you feel tired, think about these girls. I can tell these girls are really tired. They rest very rarely, they are wrecked and mentally exhausted. Oksana's husband' father passed away 2 days ago in Israel, she said he was sorry he didn't get to say last goodbye. But they are so strong, they hold on, continue to form lists, address parcels, pack, load, pick up and deliver. And we can help these brave people!


Many thanks to everyone who continues to help, for your donations and upvotes! 💛💙

You are incredible! 🙏


You do so much hard work and put other people in the spotlight so much however thank you very much for your hard work.

It is really needed and appreciated by so many people even if they cannot express it themselves.

May peace come soon..

This is really very sad and heart breaking. When will this stop?? It can easily escalate to the rest of the world. I will keep the Ukraine in my prayers.

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As long as the war continues, Ukrainians will be deprived of all basic human rights: the right to identity, the right to medical care, the right to food, the right not to be raped, not to be tortured, the right to property, and above all the right to life. We are very interested to finish this war as soon as possible. We need help so that the war does not escalate to other countries.

Thank you so much for dropping by!

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Thank you for the token gifts!🌹💯❤💯🌹

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I was hoping to see some good news about Kharkiv but I guess, I am expecting a lot. My friend said, the last 2 weeks were calm but today heavy shelling started again within the city :(

Kharkiv is too close to the border. I think it will be safe there when we get some advantage over rashists in war

Excellent guys. We love you


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I really love this initiative so far! more power!


Come and join!

I'd like to haha but i'm quite tight on funds rn lol

so far :)

That’s a great job!

It's heartbreaking to read what is going on. I was hoping to see this madness finished by now but that did not happen 😕

I'm glad these donations can reach those in need and make their day a little bit easier.

You're an angel 👼

It would be good if the war will end till the end of the year... 😟 We need to save resources, material and mental.

Thank you so much for a visit!


Bought more NFT's today to help you send them aid. It's not much but every little bit can help someone.

Now my turn to say "You're an angel" ❤️😘

I'm saving up to bye the last available NFT for a higher price, before next transfer.

This is disheartening I must say people now leaving in fear of 'who knows ' Only God Almighty can save the Ukrainians in this tempting time and I pray he does so in Jesus Mighty Name Amen 🙏🙏🙏

I believe God help to those who don't give up.

Thank you for dropping by

Amen 🙏
You are welcome 🤗😁

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Congratulations on the purchase of your NFT for Peace.
Thank you for encouraging peace in Ukraine and helping civilians who suffer from war.

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War is not a good thing no matter how small... I just pray God will restore peace to the affected people and places...

Great Initiative! Hope I could do more to support

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