Report #7 on the use of funds from NFT for Peace

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Have you already god your NFT for Peace badge? Its cost starts from 5 HIVE. For this symbolic price, YOU can join the great initiative of our community, which is designed to help civilians in Ukraine affected by the horrible and brutal war. It's day 74th, and Ukraine hangs on thanks to your support. But civilians become victims every day.


Thanks to you, NFT for Peace initiative from @hivebuzz has raised 229.415 HIVE during the reporting period. These funds were transferred to me as Donation #9.

After the conversion and sale on the cryptocurrency exchange, it amounted to UAH 6,324.



I shared the small amount between volunteers from Kharkiv and Zaporizhia who are on the edge of the front line. These cities are shelled every day. Delivery of aid is complicated by shelling and lack of fuel.


  • Zaporizhia (Oksana). We were warned of a possible new wave of attacks and shelling on May 8 and 9. Therefore, a long curfew has been introduced in some cities. Before it came, the girls had a lot of work to do - bake a bigger supply of bread and cakes, prepare hot food in advance. Another quest was to raise money for fuel, which became more expensive. And here our donut came in handy.💖 The guys were also very busy - to squeeze an unimaginable amount of cargo into their cars and deliver everything to the addresses.

  • 4.5.0.Kharkiv.volonter (Iren). Iren was sent to the west of Ukraine on business but her amazing team of guys from 4.5.0.Kharkiv and World Central Kitchen keeps on working. Hot food is delivered to bomb shelters in Kharkiv, Saltivka and villages that have recently been liberated from the Russian occupiers.


Many thanks to everyone who continues to help, for your donations and upvotes! 💛💙

You are incredible! 🙏 And we will stop the war together.


My sister and I also prepared fried and oven-baked pies for our defenders.
I can't do much. But what I do in my power, I try not to stand aside.
Although the area of my city is occupied (
We help as much as we can)
Together - we are force!
Peaceful sky above your head!

Are you living under occupation? 😱 It's scary... I'm not sure if I can ask more questions. But... your main goal is to survive, to stay safe. Only then you can help others. Peaceful sky above your head too!


Hats off to all these brave volunteers looking after all those in need, and still managing to make these delicious meals under the difficult circumstances.

Take care as always!

It's so good to finally see people smiling and to know help is getting where it is needed. God bless you my friend as you are the link between us and those in need, while you are in danger too 😊

It's so good to finally see people smiling

I looked for it particularly :) Usually they look exhausted and often upset at their pictures and stories. And I was so glad to find a smiling picture ) I wish I could be there and help them, and let them to get more rest.

Cheers and !LUV

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, keep up the good work👌


Hi there!

I just contributed today and wanted to tell you all, this is amazing!

I just wrote this post about itHow the hell did I miss this HIVE NFT campaign for Ukraine?.

Thank you.

And thank YOU! ❤️

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 105 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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very nice❤️😍

Incredible teamwork.

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Wonderful, we love you

Thanks 💙💛

@tipu curate 💙💛 🇺🇦 💛💙

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Brave step, we all need peace no matter the state/country we live in .
I hope this space you have created provide the required help to those who need it at this point. Kudos


Let love lead 🤍
✌️ Peace 🕊️

I'm proud of you! Well done! 🥰
Thanks to your help, thanks to all of us Ukrainians who did not stand aside, we will stand! You will win!
Thanks for your help!
Слава Украине! Слава нашим героям! 💙💛

A big thumbs up to everyone out there who are supporting the needy in one way or the other at this very crucial time and in the face of serious challenges as this. We hope for all these to be over and peace to finally take its course.

I pray that the war war ends very soon by God's Grace

Thank you 🙏

Best of wishes in your nice initiative!

Thank you for the updates. Be well.

Great post

There are still a lot of good in this world.. The Hive community is a proof of that🤌

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day! @zirochka

Thank you, dear @nkechi!

My pleasure 😘