Report #4 on the use of funds from NFT FOR PEACE

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Thanks to you, NFT FOR PEACE initiative from amazing @hivebuzz team raised 280 HIVE during the reporting period. These funds were transferred to me as Donation #6.

After the conversion and sale on the cryptocurrency exchange, it amounted to UAH 9,120.80.


The incoming balance from previous donation was UAH 9,020.80.
Together with donation #6 is UAH 18,140.80

The entire amount was sent to volunteers. I supplemented it with your donuts sent directly to me. Here are screenshots of my two bank cards. They have different applications, so the costs looks different.



  • Angelina (Bucha, Irpin, Kyiv) This young lady continues to deliver aid to Bucha and surroundings. The survivors rejoice like children when bread, clean water, canned food and medicine are brought to them. There is a long curfew in these areas day and night. So volunteers go as a part of a column with the military.


  • Egor. His bicycle team deliver medicine to elderly people who were left alone in Kyiv. The remaining funds were donated to neurosurgical equipment for the Regional Clinical Hospital in Poltava.

  • Kharkiv (Iren).


You know, Kharkiv is being shelled every day and every night. Despite this, volunteers do their great work. Find and buy medicine for elderly people that they cannot find themselves since the beginning of the invasion. They buy food and prepare meal. Humanitarian aid sent from other Ukrainian cities is also being delivered, but to deliver it around Kharkiv fuel is needed as well.

I want to share the story Irene told me. It's about a guy from their volunteering center who was delivering food and came under fire of Grad. He fell down and covered his head with his hands. Then he got in the car and drove away. He realized that his arms and legs were cut by fragments only when he started to lose consciousness. He said he did not feel pain. 😱 He has already been operated on. Doctors seized shell fragments and pieces of asphalt from his arms and leg.

Irene herself is a heroic woman. Her little daughter left town with her father for a safe place, and her mother stayed to help people. She aren't gonna leave, but she misses her sweetheart and dreams of seeing her again some day. 💔

  • Zaporizhia (Oksana). These stories are pure pain. The war is getting closer to this city, only 15 minutes of driving to the line of a fire. It is becoming more and more difficult for volunteers to deliver help. Oksana showed me the lists of medicines that people in the occupation ask for. There's insulin, dialysis, baby food. Long, endless list of calls for help, and the sadness of not being able to help everyone.

They managed to buy butter and send it to the region, which is an incredible fortune for the residents.


This is what the car that carries help looks like. On the way back, sometimes it is possible to evacuate local residents. Once, 11 people were driving in such a car! With tears in their eyes, they beg to take them out, but there is no way to help them all. 💔

A few days ago, a volunteer girl drove away to took help to the district center (in the occupation too), and communication with her was lost. Yesterday she climbed onto the roof of a house to call and say that she is fine. The round trip took her 4 days. And believe me, these episodes are not at all uncommon.

After all, all funds are used.

Ukrainian people from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Melitopol, Zaporizhia, Pology, Bucha, Irpin (and not only) say THANK YOU to all incredible people on Hive! 💛💙


I was thinking about you yesterday and I am so glad to see your update. Yesterday I was talking to my Khazain and he told me about the situation in Kharkiv. He also mentioned that it's hard to go outside due to heavy shelling. I told him to take food from my house as he has a duplicate key to my house. I had dry food storage so that's all I could do for him. Kharkiv is so far away and now it's very hard to reach there and it is also a big city that became so dangerous now. My friend is a volunteer too and she is working hard a lot too...Thanks for the update...You are doing your best...

We all doing our best, no matter where you are. I just talked to a friend, and ... it's true. We can do good and help Ukraine from the place where we are now. My prayers are for people that are in real danger or under risk, hopefully what I do can help them one way or another.

Sending you a virtual hug 💙💛

Best of luck my dear, stay safe and strong, my prayers are always with you...

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I am so happy to hear from you. Every time I see a post from you, the information update is heartwarming and sad at the same time. Who can believe the mess that has been made of our world? I never dreamed that they would pull you from your happy life to this.

The one thing I didn't count on was all the courageously strong and vigilant people there in Ukraine. Love thy neighbor. One love. One heart. You are all amazing and your stories lives are so complicated, people are so scattered. So brave. I pray to God that your work, your love, and your united front will be rewarded with the peace you deserve. ❤️

My love to you, Nick, Nat, and all who bravely stand. xoxxo

I stand with Ukraine!

Thanks for the Update. always Nice to hear from you and that you are OK and not hurt or sick. Austria and some other western Countries now try to accelerate the withdrawal from gas and fossil fuels like Oil. They wanted to completely withdraw from Gas by end of 2035. But now they want to accelerate this. And there will not be installed new Gas or Oil heating systems in houses by 2025. New houses build later than 2025 will not be allowed to use oil or gas for heating anymore.

The more we all do now, the sooner the war will end and the fewer people will die.

I have just read that Olaf Scholz believes that Germany will be able to stop importing Russian oil this year!

Thank you for the update @zirochka, all the volunteers are doing a very heroic job, as well as yourself distributing the funds to those in need. And I'm so glad to hear from you. How are you doing yourself? Are you looking after your own well being as well?

Hello, dear @livinguktaiwan. I'm fine, thank you. Try to leave the house once in a few days. After even a short walk I feel better.

У вас гарно виходить управляти донатами. Требе ще вам надіслати :) Бережіть себе. Все буде Україна.

Ви вже надіслали, ДЯКУЮ від щирого серця!
Спочатку мені здавалось, що найголовніше допомагати ЗСУ, щоб війна пошвидше закінчилась. А зараз... всім дуже хочеться помогти. Наслухаюсь волонтерських історій про те, як люди там радіють елементарним речам, діляться останнім. Так, мусимо вистояти.. Все буде Україна 🤗

I have only just came across your posts and I love what your doing here! We share a common goal, keep fighting the good fight!

Freedom and independence 💙💛

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Dear @zirochka, as you can see, our help still going on, but we wanna do more, thanks to upvote our post:
We can send you more if we can get someone to play on it...


Congratulations on this amazing act!! We need more people like you in the world! It should have been a truly satisfying feeling to help.

How wonderful that this much help could be gather on the Hive. Thank you so much for sharing.