Report #3 on the use of funds from NFT FOR PEACE

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During 4 days, NFT FOR PEACE initiative raised 237 HIVE.

After the conversion and sale on the cryptocurrency exchange, it amounted to UAH 9,020.80.


The balance from previous donation was UAH 23,587.72, together with donation #5 is UAH 32,608.52

  • Angelina reports that she is currently engaged in parcels for mothers and children from Irpin. Also, provisions and medicines were brought to needy families in Bucha. This is all suburbs of Kyiv recently freed from the occupiers. There is now work on demining, removal of dead bodies. People will not be able to return there soon, but those who have not left need help.

  • Egor and his bicycle team continue their mission on the left bank Kyiv and nearest suburbs.

  • Kharkiv. The guys continue to deliver food, medicine and hygiene products to residents of the city and refugees. They are extremely grateful for your help! 💙💛

  • Zaporizhia. I transferred UAH 13,588 on 31 Mar and UAH 10,000 on 1 Apr.

They had 2 hard and busy days. Good news - for the first time ever, they could deliver bread and humanitarian aid to occupied Melitopol! Buses of the Ukrainian Red Cross with humanitarian aid stand just outside the city, occupiers don't allow them to enter. But they let volunteers to enter on their cars. The second screenshot with the cigarettes - this is "a pass"...


One of these fearless female volunteers came under fire on the road today. She is alive but in shock.😨

They also delivered food to an area on the other bank of the river, There, where people did not receive food for a whole month because of the blown up bridge.

After all, the balance is UAH UAH 9,020.80.

Thanks to all Hiveans who bought NFT FOR PEACE! Your donations helps people right now.

From Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Melitopol, Zaporizhia, Pology, Bucha, Irpin - Thank you! 💛💙


Great news on the deliveries and getting to the people in need. Normally I wouldn't agree with cigarettes, but what the heck, life is too short, you never know what will happen tomorrow.

I just heard on the news about what the Russian soldiers do to the Ukranian women, I can't even bring myself to write it, it is just atrocious. Those are beasts not human beings. Please take care when you go out and hope all the volunteers who do the delivery look after themselves as well. 💛💙

Volunteers bring cigarettes to appease russian soldiers at checkpoints. That's why I have mixed feelings about the warning "Smoking kills".

True about women. 😨 They can tell their stories now when their towns are freed, and it's ... back to Dark Ages. Nick said that looting is allowed in their army, though it is disgusting, but what they do to women ... even beasts are better. And what they do to beasts in zoos, farms... It makes my blood boil. Hope they will pay the highest price.

Oddly, according to psychological studies, the more dire the warning on the cigarettes, the more likely people are to smoke them. Isn't that weird?

I try not to judge. Whether bribes or used to help people cope with hell, this is no time to judge.

Hello friend. How are you, how are you doing with your cold, I hope you are well. What a beautiful job indeed. God bless all those who have helped, and you for administering the help in this way. Everything will get better soon. Kisses, hugs and blessings.... 💖🌈

Hello, dear @dayadam. I feel better,!


I got a notification the other day that Putin. Was adding over 100,000 conscripted soldiers to the fight.
It is sad when people are forced to fight. I hope this ends soon.

People always have choice.

gracias por dar lo que esta a tu alcance 🙏

It's impressive how Ukrainians are helping each other, a lesson for the whole world.

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Dear @zirochka, as usual we are still sending our small help for you in your very strong and heroic mission, but i need just a small time from you if you can.
This is my post where we made a kind of our coin promotion, but we want help you more, so we invited people to buy our coins to buy game cards and in the same time increase our help to you.
Someone comment that we are using people suffering to promote our coin, but i would like your opinion, if you think they are right we will stop it immediately!

Hello @intellihandling. I apologize for my late reply. I am grateful for your help, for any help, because my everyday thoughts are full of calls for help, and I wish I could help all those poor people around Ukraine, and to our defenders as well, but have to consider where it is needed more, because of limited funds.

Your idea looks good for me as it help your bussiness but also help people. Thank you!

Dear @zirochka, thank you for your reply, you know people like @manniman think that all people are bad and want use human suffers for dirty scope, so your answer made me very happy, thank you again to show the real goodness..:)

I don't want to be the judge. but for me, good deeds are even more valuable if they are done in silence

God Bless all those involved in getting supplies to the people. Please take care of yourself and all the females involved.

You are in my thoughts and prayers, as always. ❤️


This is a wonderful act of kindness ❤️❤️❤️❤️...I must give it a good remark..
Do you know how happy this people would be with the provisions they are getting and mostly the emotional support given to them when they are least when they are well fed..there will be reduce in what stresses them out and that would serve we a consolation to them...I must great you specially🥰🥰🥰 Kudos to you 🏆🏆🏆🏆
It is going to well soon🏆🏆🥰
#stay cheerful and happy always ❤️❤️❤️

Great work. For helping in times of need. I respect you from the bottom of my heart.

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Great to see that the help is finding the way to the ones who need it. Thank you for all the effort to bring somthing good to these people in these hard times. I pray for you and hope this war will soon be over.