Report #2 on the use of funds from NFT FOR PEACE (Updated)

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All right, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up, because I have an exciting news. During another 2 days, NFT FOR PEACE initiative introduced by incredible @hivebuzz team raised 3,551.808 HIVE (910 HIVE and 2,795 HBD)! This is absolutely unbelievable!

We have to give special thanks to @blocktrades for buying every NFT from the cities at the highest price! 💖

After the conversion on the cryptocurrency exchange, I received BUSD 1,882.46 and USDT 1,878.90.

After the sale it amounted to UAH 123,586.72.


I had to withdraw this amount in a few transactions to 2 cards, because of restriction of the cryptocurrency exchange.


The first amount of UAH 20,000 went to Angelina, and was spent on medicines for people from the Kyiv region, food for the medical staff of the hospital. She cooked them cutlets and pancakes herself! Also, she prepared a package for a mother with two twin girls who will soon be 2 years old. They fled from Irpin few weeks ago having only what they are wearing, and now they live in a small village in Zhytomyr region.

Update from 29 Mar. the parcels reached the recipients.


Another exciting news - I finally found Iren Storm - a contact in Volunteer organization in Kharkiv! It was created by activists on February 25. These are incredible and very brave people. Some of them used to work in the children's charity fund, some just sent the children to a safe place, and stayed to help. In the early days, they provided food to several hospitals and a maternity hospital. Now they help a very large number of children and civilians in Kharkiv. From the locals, they assembled a car crew that provides delivery.

I transferred UAH 29,999 to them, and I wish you could hear the voice of Iren. They have been looking for money for two days to fill up the cars, and judging by the screenshot she sent to me, they had no money at all. Tomorrow I will transfer the next amount to them.


Update from 29 Mar. Another amount of 30,000 transferred to Iren. Her photo report is really big, here are some photos:


The third amount of UAH 20,000 just sent to a volunteer from Zaporizhia, a city on the in southeastern Ukraine. She was born in Abkhazia, but in 1993 her family fled the country because of the war conflict, they came to Ukraine and live here ever since. Before the war, she was a confectioner. She hasn't left because she cannot leave her 93-year-old grandmother. Now she and her new team bakes bread, buys baby food and diapers, and sends them to the region. To villages where neither Humanitarian Convoy nor regular deliveries reach. What she told me on the phone breaks my heart. But we need to be strong, so she, like all of us, gives all her time and energy to people in need.

I believe I can provide the report for the 3rd amount tomorrow.

Update from 29 Mar. Everything is packed and ready to be sent tomorrow. Food, hygiene items, diapers and medicines to villages where there are no pharmacies. But the worst thing is that these villages are under occupation, and it is very difficult and dangerous to deliver humanitarian goods there. As I said, these are incredible people, heroes.


The balance is UAH 53,587.72.

Update from 29 Mar. The balance is UAH 23,587.72.

Still looking for someone that can deliver help in Chernigiv, but looks like the situation there is very sad.

Thanks to all Hiveans for you big hearts and incredible support! We can stop war, and we can save lives. Indeed, we're already doing that.

Thank you! 💛💙


Knowing that the help our blockchain is sending to Ukraine gets where it is needed is priceless. This would have not been possible without you! You are not only helping those on the first line, but also those in need. You are saving lives basically. I can't even imagine how much it means to these poor people to get a bag of food, medication, diapers and more. I have no word, honestly! ♥️🤗 God bless you and stay safe!

You are too kind to me, my dear Erikah ❤🤗 I am just an intermediary. I am still impressed by the story of volunteers from Zaporizhzhia. They pass eight (!!!) checkpoints of the occupiers to get to their people. And no one guarantees that their help will reach. That it will not be taken away, or the car will not be taken away, or that the volunteers themselves will not be harmed. At the same time, women drive most often, they are more likely to get there. I couldn't sleep last night, I kept thinking about it.

Hello beautiful friend, first of all a big greeting for you feeling very happy that you are well, and even happier watching the beautiful work you are doing and all the help you have received. Really the world is still full of people of good will and angels who want to help and give the best of themselves. If only our world were full of people like that, there wouldn't be all these unnecessary tragedies. I am glad that things are a little calmer, I hope that all this has come to an end, enough of this, your country deserves the best, you have been through so much. Kisses and hugs to you and all those around you. A thousand blessings to your family and your whole country, I hope soon you can be in holy peace. Full freedom, and peace to Ukraine...💙💛

On behalf of @tipu , Hivebuzz, and the HIVE community, thank you for spreading hope and love to Ukraine! @zirochka♥️

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Much aplreciate your support ❤

You're welcome, my friend! 🌻

[This is Nina🌹♥️🌹]

Nice to hear that the funds are used for so much good civilian help. Thank you for the report.

God Bless all your beautiful souls!!!

And all generous hands that sent help ❤

So happy to see that it makes a difference for the people. There is a saying, If you can help only one person, you are helping the whole world.

Keep going!

Какие вы молодцы!!!
В своем поселковом штабе я узнавал, что нужно нашим ребятам-солдатикам! Улыбнулись и сказали, что практически все необходимое у них уже есть. Со всех сторон идет помощь! Рестораны и кафушки готовят еду и доставляют на блок-посты и батарейные позиции... На сердце было очень приятно и радостно от такого единодушия!
У меня практически все поступления уходят на топливо - бензин/солярка.
Постоянно востребовано ночными патрульными машинами. И сегодня был такой, тоже показательный случай : "Заправлял канистры на ОККО. Зашли парень и девушка в полной экипировке с оружием. У меня еще оставались гривни на карточке. Я предложил заправить их транспорт. Они очень тепло улыбнулись и поблагодарив сообщили, что их уже здесь бесплатно заправляют!"
Не знаю как выразить свое восхищение нашим народом, не впадая в высокопарный и звучащий фальшиво слог...

Мені здається, що люди, з якими я познайомилась за останній місяць, найкращі у світі ))

Thank you for all you are doing for the community out there I couldn't even begin to imagine what you're going through or what it is like living through a time like this currently.

Praying for your safety, stay strong out there you are so brave to be doing something like this.

Круто. Супер.

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You're a beautiful soul. Their are many like you.

I hope this war will end as soon as possible and you will feel comfortable in your own homes. God bless you all.

Gran iniciativa saludos desde Venezuela. Fortaleza y sigan ayuda do a otros ❤️❤️❤️

So happy to see lives being helped, it is amazing.

who the hell would downvote this? 😵

Those who support war, I suppose

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