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For content creators and crypto aficionados, the topic of the year has certainly been NFT. From 8-bit images to 7-digit monkey avatars, NFTs have been gaining more and more space in the mainstream. But, what is an NFT?
Why buy a .jpeg that can be easily copied?

To answer these and other questions, let's break it down.

hat is an NFT?
Why buy a .jpeg that can be easily copied?
How to invest in NFTs?
How to buy NFT?
How to sell NFT?
How to create an NFT?

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What is an NFT?
NFT are tokens used to certify ownership of digital assets.
They are considered a kind of “registry” or digital certificate, and it is through these tokens that the ownership and authenticity of the asset is registered.

These tokens can be non-fungible and fungible.

Non-fungibles are unique and not mutually interchangeable. Fungibles, in turn, are exchange currencies (a simple example is Bitcoin itself).
It is possible to exchange R$10 for the exact fraction of Bitcoin, but the same is not valid for NFT. It is not possible to exchange a low value NFT for a fraction of another NFT, for example.

Non-Fungible Tokens
Intellectual property.

Fungible Tokens
Means of exchange.

Leaving the term “token” aside and thinking about fungible and non-fungible items, we have the following examples:

  1. Fungibles:

Real (BRL)/Dollar (USD);
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;
American stocks (they are fractional);

  1. Non-Fungibles:

The shirt that a player wore in a championship final;
The 2010 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A champion's trophy;
A Pokémon card, single edition;
A unique watch or sneaker;