Where in the big scheme of the Social Media Universe is, has been and will be the Steem Blockchain?

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Social Media Universe

Yeh Yeh Yeah 2018! just shut up and click on the image to 'expand' your view and knowledge.

Monthly Active Users metric & statistics around 2018:

RankSocial NetworkMonthly Active Users (MAUs)
#1Facebook2.2 billion
#2YouTube1.9 billion
#3WhatsApp1.5 billion
#4Messenger1.3 billion
#5WeChat1.0 billion
#6Instagram1.0 billion
#7QQ806 million
#8Qzone563 million
#9Douyin500 million
#10Weibo411 million
#11Twitter366 million
#12Reddit330 million
#13Baidu Tieba300 million
#14LinkedIn294 million
#15Viber260 million
#16Snapchat255 million
#17Line203 million
#18Telegram200 million
#19Pinterest200 million
#20YY117 million
#21VK97 million

Yep! that's right. Steemit, the Steem tribes or any other Steem based dApp doesn't appears in that Social Media Universe map yet. ¿Correct?

Could this be simply because no Social Media projects based on the 'blockchain' were considered to appear on that trendy map?

Well, you tell me. Seems like this could logically be a good reason and possibility. But who really knows? and ¿Who could tell that for sure?

Oh! but don't worry folks. Because Steem blockchain based Communities & SMTs and Web 3.0 is around the corner. And with these features highly chances our ecosystem expands and can be taken in account to figure all over in the shining canopies of the new Social Media Universe 2020 map.

And with that, this too shall pass.

We are building. We are building and testing. We are building, testing and assembling. Building, testing, assembling, informing & elaborating brainy reports. Didn't you test all the new features in there yet? C'mon! test it!! :)

SMTs "Tokenizing The Web"

Didn't you know that create SMTs is easier than peel tangerines?

¡Check this out!

Smart Media Tokens

Yeah! of course. As before, just click on the image to 'expand'.

Centralization vs. Decentralization and Hierarchy vs. Flatarchy.

In what place of the upcoming Social Media Universe map of 2020 you can see us and our steem dApp projects now?

With Steemit Inc. Communities and SMTs. Steem-Engine New Dex tools and SCOT & NFTs features et cetera. Are you ready and willing to build a feasible better:


Cool eh? Oh! but don't run so fast yet. In any group or agglomeration of people, very diverse and with different beliefs, ambitions and cultures, some pitfalls, obstacles and difficulties will always arise.

Regardless it could be end up centralized or decentralized. And whether you would like to call these a Social Hierarchy, a Social Flatarchy, a Social Holacracy or whatevah. Just don't anticipate the future and get to work.


All these are just good ideas in theory only. Since the biggest problems that most of these societal structures may cause. Is the fact that without some sort of hierarchy the loudest ideas, not necessarily the best ideas, will win.

In other words, bullies will rule the roost. The introverts will invariably feel alienated and powerless and they'll prolly respond by creating secret groups and making pacts, leading to more internal squabbles. In many instances, the best option is arbitration by a figure granted authority.

After all, how many would actually enjoy staying day in and day out inside an Island of the Idols reality show playing a collective game exposed to the most evil human's plots, intrigues, awful collusion, connivance & betrayals. Complicity, conspiracy, abetment, chronic backstabbing and whatnot. If at the end of the day you won't even opt for the chance to win those longed one million buck$?

Oh yeah! because usually:

"A crooked tree lives his life, a right tree ends up turned in tables"

Therefore, go to the Testnet now! And start to envision what kind of utopia or dystopia you could build in short. It no matter how good or bad it eventually could become. The key is try it out. And with the practice, more experiences and knowledge we'll acquire and obtain on how to improve it.

Since in the words of @dhenz, @theycallmedan and many other opulent whales here with heavy stake in the game would say:

Come on! Hurry up! All we want is see Steem, Steemit, Steem-Engine and every dApp and project built within the steem blockchain. That all these be remarkably included in the next mainstream "Social Media Universe" map of 2020 asap. Once we have actually accomplished to tokenize the entire Information Superhighway. And making the dreamed Web 3.0 a reality.

"The important thing is not to take the step but to leave the mark"

With outstanding ¡Style & Elegance!

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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2.2 Billion ... hmmm I'm sure Facebook not have it long time... 👌 they manipulate this info.

hmmm I'm sure Facebook not have it long time...

Well, everything depends. What's your bet about Libra project and its capability to sweep away everything else to the gutter in the Social Media realms?

How many active monthly users does STEEM have across the dApps? Does anyone track that?

If it’s not over 50m the blockchain has a long way to go to break out of the niche and start going mainstream. It’s currently stuck in the early adopter stage and not moving out of it quickly.

Actively! yeah, that's precisely the crux of the issue.

Does anyone track that?

Well, from the tip of my brain, I think @penguinpablo is the right chap you are looking for.

If it’s not over 50m the blockchain has a long way to go to break out of the niche and start going mainstream.

Ha, not even close to that 50m figure in its entire history since March 2016. You could Click on this Pic below to check and read the yesterday last statistics in all its splendor. :)

December 13, 2019 Steem Stats Report