Corrupting Science to Eliminate Facts

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Corona has changed my life. Not the beer, the virus. Before the outbreak, I maintained some confidence in peer review to ensure that research published in journals dedicated to hard sciences remained fact based. I had noted that the 'soft' sciences, like the humanities, had never been so constrained, and the sophistry of statistics alone lent them any semblance of scientific probity.

Even the most elegant maths are no substitute for empirical evidence. Without that direct evidence they could simply be pretty designs on paper without actual relevance to the subject of the research, and all too often are. More than half of published research recently cannot be reproduced. Now political lies have taken over, and none of it can be believed.

History is a game of politics, and has serially plunged archeology into political cesspits of psychological manipulation. It takes decades to grasp that the wonderful tales we learn when we first become interested in history are usually no more true than fairy tales, and is only ever grasped by folks with open minds who become convinced by archeological evidence suppressed by gatekeepers.

At this point, folks are radicalized politically, because it is to deceive and manipulate people that history and archeology are overwhelmed by lies, and only honest people ever grasp this truth, who are innately averse to lies.

Then, two paths are available to them, both of which are prepared for them by their enemies. They can choose to work hard to separate facts from lies, which requires dedication and long research to dispel vast reams of drivel, or they can just assume any claims that are opposed by the official narrative must then be true.

The latter is the reason for the reams of drivel actual researchers must negotiate, because psyops are all about astroturf and gaslighting, nowhere more prevalent than in pseudoscientism. There are probably people that aren't knowingly lying that believe in Flat Earth and Aliens - even both at the same time, despite that being self-contradictory.

Not everyone is intellectually competent to grasp scientific research, but everyone has an opinion on it.

When the first papers on the outbreak of SARS2 were published in the wake of the alarming Chinese lockdown and response, I had that naive confidence in peer review to keep research factual. I was utterly misled. The Lancet, JAMA, NEJM - journals with decades, even centuries, of demonstrated adherence to factual publication, spewed drivel straight out of the mouths of political agencies intent on manipulation and lies.

It's unprecedented, and can't be undone. We are witness to the end of institutional science, that has driven the technological advance and betterment of human civilization for centuries. It has become today a weapon intended to render us susceptible to mandatory injection of DNA altering 'vaccines' that will literally and actually turn human beings into GMOs.

No sane person would not fight to the death to prevent evil overlords from doing that to them, so every possible means of preventing sane people from understanding that is their purpose is being undertaken.

The civilization we have lived in, our common bonds, institutions, and social mechanisms, are all over, just like science. They've all become psychological tools liars use to keep us from grasping that we are to be genetically altered and transformed into servile property. It is the end of civilization as we have known it for thousands of years, the end of humanity as sovereign persons, and the attempt to create a species of slaves to serve the masters the current overlords seek to become.

They want to become the gods they see themselves as. They are psychopaths, mentally deranged and incapable of sane and rational understanding. Their derangement has enabled them to seize political power, by enabling them to do any evil necessary to destroy those in their way, but this same derangement makes them incapable of devising functional society.

Everything you knew is obsolete. Everything you are told is a lie - if you can't prove it is factual. No mechanism of deception is being left unused, as an attempt is being made to create a new form of civilization in which only those now overlords are even human beings, and the rest of us either useful slaves, or killed.

There are no political parties, there is only deception. There are no public schools, there are only indoctrination centers. There is no public science, there is only psychological manipulation. There is no news, there is only propaganda. Soon there will be no social media, there will only be lies and censorship.

The old world has passed away, and hell has come to Earth to replace it. Our rapacious overlords believe they are making heaven for themselves, and don't care a whit they send us to hell. That disregard is why they became overlords, after all, singlemindedly driven to seek their own power, willing to do the most criminal and violent things to get it, and this is what has qualified them to become the only people with rights in the world they are building.

It will be no heaven they imagine it will. Only psychopaths could gain their power, and heaven designed by psychopaths will be a hell sane people cannot imagine.

Today if you want facts, you will have to prove them yourself. If you want products, you will have to make them yourself. If you want food, you will have to grow it yourself. In the world that is becoming, there will be no factual reporting, no mass marketing of products, and no agricultural industry. The lockdown is the beginning of the end of those things.

The civilization you will have you will make. None will be available to the genetically altered slaves, and their masters aren't going to share.

The tools you need to grow food yourself in your home exist. The tools you need to provide your own medical care exist. The tools you need to craft a home secure from assault that provides the goods and services you require exist, but they aren't free, and you will have to figure them out yourself - because the slavemasters only want slaves, not free societies.

The fewer masters there are, the more wealth the masters individually are able to possess. The less competition for their wealth the better, from their perspective.

The death of science is the death of free society. It is the final straw that breaks the back of civilization, for without science the technology to build it cannot exist.

If you intend to live in a free society, you will have to make it, and keep it as well. You will have enemies, and they are powerful and unrestrained by principle whatsoever.

In the ancient prophecies, seers and madmen claim a god has offered you a choice: life or death. I cannot confirm any god laid this out, but you indeed have that choice. To live, to be human, you must choose to do so. Any course you set must provide the means to achieve it. The blessings of civilization that free societies have offered one another are being destroyed by the covert overlords of our world.

They intend your death. If you do not choose to die, you will have to choose to make your life worth living.

Whenever humanity has faced powerful enemies, many people have died, and these enemies will be no less deadly than those our forefathers faced. We have better technology today than before in history, so our present enemies may well be far more deadly than those of the past.

Civilization has fallen before. Dwarka sank beneath the waves ~9000 years ago, and you can see it was highly civilized.

IMG source -

The heaven of psychopaths did not avail them then, and their deranged considerations have not better enabled them now to make one. Again, we face global collapse of civilization and reduction of society to pointy sticks to scratch food from the dirt.

If you want more for your children, you will have to make it available to them. Your masters will not, and they cannot even save themselves from what they are wreaking. They have not before, and they will not now. It will take sane and good people to preserve civilization, not psychopaths and overlords.

They have chosen death. They will drag any they can into hell with them, because they are mad.

Choosing to live requires you to make life possible.

Choose life.


biwak camps

Combine survivalist philosophy with 3d printing, AI, CRISPR, aquaponics, mesh networks, and you're good to go. We need to undertake the necessary tooling to create, build, and further civilization without dependence on overlords parasitizing our production.

I reckon you have the right idea of where to start.

biwak hightech ninjas - when they leave, they leave permaculture behind them :))

The only means of forwarding civilization today is via permaculture, and that is why civilization is being destroyed by it's most powerful institutions today.

Permaculture, including of production of goods other than food, is impossible to centralize, and this facet of it's nature dooms centralized power and authority to obsolescence eventually should civilization progress. No government can amend, repeal, or legislate the laws of physics, and it is the nature of the universe itself that focuses the cutting edge of technological development on decentralization presently.

Freedom is the only way forward.

But they can take everything from you. Especially when you're immobile.

If it can be taken from you it was never really yours.

.... your dog?

There was a time when I lost everything I had worked all my life to get, and that included my dogs. I walked away in borrowed socks. I was glad I had all my parts, because those can be taken from you too.

All we really have is our sovereign will. Everything else is scenery, in a sense.

DNA altering 'vaccines' that will literally and actually turn human beings into GMOs.

Remember the lawsuit where Monsanto said that they now owned your organic food crop because your crop got got cross pollinated with their genetics, and they WON!

I'm meanbees and I OWN MYSELF!

If you are vaccinated with DNA altering injections, you will be the property of the patent owners. You will no longer be a sovereign human being.

"They" don't see us as sovereign right now, that's the problem.

In fact "they" get super upset at anyone who claims to be sovereign and fight or kill anyone who tries to actually be sovereign.

I just can't help but to see the similarities between the current problem/reaction/solution and the business practices of Microsoft over the last 35 years.

The taking away of options and forcing people in a direction is something Microsoft was and still is very good at.

And the "I own you, Click next to continue." Licensing agreement everyone clicks without reading...?

"They" think they already own us. And unfortunately they will get a lot of people to go along with them.

I just hope those other people LET me be sovereign.

I have long advocated that folks take up means of production that technology now is producing that enable us to manufacture the blessings of civilization without contributing to the flow of our wealth to the vampiric overlords parasitizing society.

Doing so is the actual attainment of freedom. Wealth is independent means. Freedom is wealth.

2020 is the desperation of banksters to retain their parasitic power and wealth in the face of advancing technology that distributes the means of production inexorably and absolutely ends centralization, and the parasitism it comes with.

All that is necessary to end oppression is to no longer depend on centralization. It is also the only means of being competent to rule yourself. Armed revolution, as what is presently going on in Seattle will shortly prove, cannot create either the competence nor the means to rule.

Rapping is a symptom of dependence, not a skillset or tool that produces the blessings of civilization, and Raz will soon grasp that reality - as will all observers. The vampires that ordered the Seattly police to abandon Capitol Hill to the mob didn't do so out of fear or stupidity.

They did so to reveal to observers of what is about to happen that only obedience to overlords produces those blessings of civilization. It will not be possible after people have adopted the means of manufacturing their own goods and services, which are not presently available on Capitol Hill, but will be before the decade is out.

Then, overlords will be obsolete, and people will just ignore them until they go away.

THAT is why I'm so excited about the decentralized Blockchain and crypto.

With this one tool we can TAKE BACK sooooooo much control from the parasites but the people don't seem to see that yet. Not even the harder core crypto bugs.

This tech isn't just about Money...

I have read many good posts and comments by you in the past but this must be the most important I have come across thus far.

The trick really is in the words: society calls something "science" and voila - noone is able to recognize anymore that the claim made is in fact nothing but superstition and faith-based dogma rather than discernible provable fact (the way we expect it, and the way it should be.)

"Science" no longer resembles the scientific method at all and hasn't for centuries.

I had to change my worldviw so often the more I found out what is scientifically solid and what isn't. The biggest most "certain" views are built on audaciously slim foundations. So much so that I keep marveling when I come across a topic I have never actually looked at in depth for myself. Only to find that it too is a poor attempt at fairytaling me, but I had always just taken it for granted. It's schocking because I have to look for mere hours to see entire eras of dogma fall in on themselves, just because they are so full of holes and logical flaws.

The crown (corona) of manipulation is maintaining these narratives as fact, narratives that have been in the making for centuries and have never undergone factual analysis. The degree of how widespread they are and how many of them I once took as self-evident truths is outright offensive to me now that I look back. It's quite exhilirating and liberating as well.

It taught me to never put full unreserved faith into any tale I hear uttered by someone else, it is as you say: You have to be able to prove it for yourself or it can't be claimed with certainty that it is in fact as it is claimed. Only: I never thought just HOW FAR that would take me away from the stories I held true most of my life. Most narratives are nothing but a modern fairytale with the prestige of the word "science" backing them.

Seeing through so many of the holes in these narratives will invite new falsehoods all the time, but the more I keep myself in check and try not to hurry to a new model that claims to be factual the more I can discern what I find convincing and what is just a poor attempt of honeypot'ing me on my way to actual truth.

Not sure if you are familiar but I keep feeling the need to share one of the biggest gems from my journey because of your article here so please allow me. Sheldrake's lecture on the 10 most prominent dogmas of modern science. I would be nowhere without his work showing just how flawed and uncertain these narratives are that have become the basis for an entire age of "scientific insight". Have rewatched the lecture many times and it still is one of the best pertaining to the topic you mentioned here, without forcing you into new mind prisons. Maybe it will sweeten up your day a bit ;)

I am thrilled to hear that the virus hype actually had something beneficial coming out of it. I hope many many actual questions will be asked by people out there following this weird episode of life in the human matrix.


Haven't run across Sheldrake before, and watching now. I am very glad my comments resonate with folks, because I cannot succeed alone against the massive institutions allied against me, and all free people. I have been rolled over by that juggernaut before, and survived, if walking away in borrowed socks.


I know, it's such a behemoth.
I think our time is coming though, the shenanigans have been going on long enough.
All the best to ya dude

While I have not before heard Sheldrake speak, nor read anything of his, I confess some flavor of ill reputation had somehow come to my awareness.

However, after watching his presentation I cannot complain of any lack of reason on his part. Indeed, his criticisms of science are spot on. While uninformed as to his assertions regarding lightspeed and it's constancy (which I find alarming, as that would unmoor my ship of physics from it's comforting bounds of constancy and a sense that I have some little grasp of how the universe actually works, quite entirely), I can but say if he speaks truthfully, it is indeed a fundamental flaw revealed at the most basal level of not only our present understanding, but our methods of gaining that understanding.

I have much to process after being so jolted out of my smug hubris, and thank you profusely for restoring my much more appropriate sense of humility regarding matters beyond my ken, and far above my pay grade.

We all think we are experts until we realize we may be missing something major - provided we are humble enough and willing to keep an open mind, which is so tough to do because we have never really learnt it. I had to come down from my high horse so often, realizing that I had always held the same viewpoints as self-evident that I have started to look past. Just look at all those people who really belief all the contradictory and unfactual claims about the cov-ID hype out there. without question. What will it take to shake them from their trance? It really is hard to say...

Contrary to what we have been told though the great thing is: It's not a contest. It's great realizing everyone might have a major piece to the puzzle. Even people who make side comments that show great lack in understanding in one area, might just have the missing piece for an area I am interested in or even versed in, stumbling upon it from their (uninformed) reamrks. In this way anyone can become a great teacher without quite realizing it.

I do not agree with Sheldrake in all points either, it was just such a glorious shortcut to getting a good overview on how many disciplines of 'science' function today - quite against the scientific method and more like... a church. That is my take anyway.

Really glad you found the talk useful. He does have a bad reputation in established circles of science, much like Anthony West does in Egytpology (hinting at the truer estimation of the age of the Sphinx among many other history-narrative-busting facts), regardless of the huge merit they bring to the table for really important questions about humanity, our history and the natural world we are living in - they are shunned and labeled as lunatics.

Sheldrake "came out" decades ago and due to his chosen fields of interests that atomists cannot allow in their curriculum they will outright deny him any open ears and will vehemently deny that these phenomena - regardless of the evidence - exist at all. Drawing on many other sources for the things Sheldrake is talking about and ON MY OWN EXPERIENCES I find it rather convincing to suggest we don't have the faintest idea about reality in our "scientific" meainstream. And mostly all the things we think we know for certain are fariytales. But what do I know?!

I can say that the journey is still ongoing for me. I see things as likely and many things as highly likely today that I would have scoffed at years ago and even months ago. One cannot undo a lifetime of indoctrination in a few days and so it is essential we all take our time and stay with our own understanding and evaluation lest we fall into new fairytales that are unfactual. I keep saying it and I keep meaning it: Nobody knows what's up on Earth. We all just think we do.

All the best to ya dude and thanks for your feedback on Sheldrake!

"One cannot undo a lifetime of indoctrination in a few days and so it is essential we all take our time and stay with our own understanding and evaluation..."

Overcoming indoctrination at all depends on an open mind. Mark Twain remarked that it was far easier to fool someone than to convince them they'd been fooled. This reveals open minds are not prevalent, nor encouraged by our indoctrinators.

"Nobody knows what's up on Earth."

That's easy. Up is away from down.



We are in the endgame ;)

It was China.😉

It couldn't have been China alone. Neither could this have been undertaken without China. It is a ubiquitous coordination of institutions captured by psychopaths IMHO.

Yeah of course. I was just being cheeky:) Everyone is in on this!

Power is like a drug. The possession of great power without self control only turns people into animals. Animals with power. It is quite disturbing.

Addiction is a hell of a drug. I'm a teetotaler myself.

Say no to drugs lol. Including the drug of power

Power is the one I don't do. Drugs are fun. Dangerous, but not evil themselves.

Power is only evil IMHO. That I have no interest in.


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What a time to be alive... do you believe in reincarnation? I fear more for my future selves than my future self to be honest. This life is going to be a wild ride and I’m going to keep on riding it hard, but I’m afraid I’ll wake up one day in a zombie body... and again, and again...

I may or may not believe in reincarnation, depending on how you define it. From your comment I reckon you will say I do not, but I do believe we will be reborn, but as us, and fully informed as to who we are. I do not believe this because of faith in God, but because I see that science will make it possible, and in an infinite universe barren and waste, our good company will be more valuable to our posterity than we can possibly understand.

I reckon your fear unfounded. When we are restored to life, it will be life vibrant and full, not some simulacrum thereof. When you are reborn, you will know joy you could not have anticipated, because we simply have no basis for understanding what awesome power physics mandates is potential.

Be encouraged therefore, and live deeply and fully the life you are given today.

That sounds really interesting. Are you suggesting that what we are currently experiencing is some sort of (perhaps matrix like) simulacrum, and that upon death from this life we will awaken into our true, or a truer, version of reality? Or that we will somehow all be technologically brought back to life in the future?

I know this isn’t your usual MO but i’d love to hear about that in detail.

I’ll definitely keep soaking up this experience and learning as much about it as i can along the way.