The Ultimate ShitCoin Turns Human Poop Into Crypto

in #news2 years ago

A South Korean inventor has come up with a design for a toilet that pays you in crypto to poop.. At least this shitcoin is honest and up-front!

The basic idea is that the BeeVi system stores human waste nearby and uses microorganisms to break it down, then using the methane produced as fuel.

An average person defecates about 500g a day, which can be converted to 50 litres of methane gas, the environmental engineer said. This gas can generate 0.5kWh of electricity or be used to drive a car for about 1.2km (0.75 miles).

Seems quite a bit more efficient and productive than many shitcoins ever are!

Cho has devised a virtual currency called Ggool, which means honey in Korean. Each person using the eco-friendly toilet earns 10 Ggool a day.

So if you are ever short of money, you'll be able to graze on the grass in local parks until you poop enough to afford to get your foot back on the financial ladder. The future is looking bright!

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Proof-of-Poop- Sexy concept is it not..

hehe, i suspect this won't need so much of a sexy catchphrase as it will just be installed in government buildings in order to power buses or something like that!

I am just imagining trolls going rogue in the middle of nowhere to grab tons of sh..t to drop in these “faucets” 🤣

Although the methane is a serious output, it would take a while to generate it. But I guess that when looking at the continuously pooping is when it makes sense.

Dateline 2025, poop theft is on the rise, with the most prolific BS producers, politicians, being hunted for their precious cargo. lol

More likely: Urgent Update: Corporations have been discovered adding laxatives to their cafeteria food in order to reduce their electricity bills and collecting more Ggool!
Sub-headline: Productivity at the same companies have declined as management is diving in to solve the problem

hehehe sounds hilarious but unfortunately I know a few places that would not care to run like that.

OMG! It's so shitty it's COOL!!!

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