Environmental wins and losses

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Although rewards on my posts for the last week have been wiped out I will keep posting. If nothing else it will soak up some of that troll's voting power.

I have been keeping an eye on the environmental coverage in The Guardian. We have to take heart from any good news we can find. The main news story in the UK today is the horrific case of 39 illegal immigrants dying in a truck. These are desperate people who have been abused by criminals who need to be brought to justice. Environmental issues will drive more people to relocate.

Here are some good news environmental stories I spotted.

How UK's disused mine shafts could be used to store renewable energy. We already have pumped water storage installations around the country to handle peak demand. With increasing renewable energy that can be erratic we need more. We have lots of mines that are no longer active. They can go down hundreds of metres and a heavy weight dropping that far can unleash a lot of energy. This is a solution with relatively low costs and minimal environmental impact using established technologies. I hope to hear more about this soon.

First 100% electric black cab for 120 years launches in London. This is long overdue. I saw an electric taxi on the Fully Charged show a while back. London cabs are a special type of vehicle and maybe it took a while to get into production. It seems cabs only average about 100 miles per day and charging facilities can keep them going longer. The current diesel taxis are responsible for a large proportion of pollution in central London. There are a few hybrid and fully electric buses too, but many thousands to replace. Note this says there were electric taxis in the early days when horse-drawn cabs were being replaced.

And some less good news.

Fossil fuel big five 'spent €251m lobbying EU' since 2010. I wonder if this was more than they invested in green technologies to try and improve their image. The fossil fuel companies are reluctant to adapt to what the world needs now. They have had decades when they shirked any responsibility for the damage they did. We need the brave politicians who will rein them back.

Amazon rainforest 'close to irreversible tipping point'. Expect to hear a lot about tipping points. The timing can be difficult to predict, but we are going to eee many ecosystems collapse due to changing climate and exploitation. The Amazon is vulnerable to both with a Brazilian regime who seem intent on using up their resources in record time. I am sure they are being well rewarded for allowing this. Another tipping point will be the unfreezing of permafrost that could release even more greenhouse gases.

I see a lot of people complain about being inconvenienced by Extinction Rebellion protests, but these are some of the reasons they need to keep up the pressure on governments. They do need to get the balance right so as not to lose public support.


You are bang on here. Environmental issues will indeed cause people to relocate/migrate. Climate change is a huge under pinning problem to our human shifts and problems. Migration in turn causes political issues. Its all horribly complex. Good post. I try to observe the good things going on too.

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I saw that on the news... I am reminded of what my Grandma used to say, "World's going to Hell, in a handbasket"...

What is wrong with people! Did you hear about the mandatory blackouts in California? Imposed by PG&E? To remedy the terrible fires (caused by them mind you)...

I really do like the idea of pumped storage. They've made it up to 70% efficient which is pretty good. The geology required for it is really specific, but it is great that someone thought of mines. I've heard it can even word in oceans. Oh what does the future have in store?

We need cunning solutions to difficult problems. We've got by with some of the easy options so far, but those are not always sustainable. Did you mean dropping weights on cables in the ocean? That has some technical challenges, but could be more appropriate in places without mines.

When there is money to be made or saved, conservation works.

You got the physics reversed. It works on bouyancy. Pumping air into underwater chambers or balloons would make the air shoot back out with the force of the water that is roughly 1atm per 9.8m depth. The deeper it is, the smaller the area needed.

Air flows better through tubes than water because it is a gas and can be compressed a lot more, storing more energy in less space. Also it could go straight up minimizing twists and turns in the shaft.

It's already being experimented with in fresh and salty water. The nice thing is a lot of cities are near pools of water hundreds of meters deep which is more than sufficient.

Those are definitely some really interesting stories. The one about the mine shafts really had my interest. When I read the headline I thought they were going to just store the batteries down there from solar or wind power.

@steevc , these type of post are great but why not use @dlike to share them and add your comment and opinion.
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I haven't looked into dlike. Wasn't it about memes? What are the advantages?

No, not about Memes. It allows you to share interesting stuff you find online and add your own comments and opinion. Sadly though it was used by spammers to just cut n paste any old crap and get rewarded for it. The quality is slowly improving but it would be nice to have a few more decent Steemies using it!

Take a look and see what you think, you paste in the article link and then write about it :-)

I just tried it. Wasn't completely smooth. I would only have been able to share one of these links in a single post there. It didn't pull through an image and it does not handle Markdown. It's an interesting concept. What do you think the advantages are over using other Steem dapps?

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