New evidence that explains the extinction of dinosaurs.

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By acidification of the oceans


Very strong evidence was provided that the meteorite that extinguished dinosaurs acidified the oceans of the planet for a long time and what has been discovered is that this acidification was probably really the biggest cause of the great extinction.

For years it has been suggested that the impact of the meteorite hit rocks rich in sulfur, something that caused a rain of sulfuric acid, slightly decreasing the ph of the surface layer of the planet's oceans, however, until now there was no evidence from this, until now, because last month the extremely sudden death of many species of planktonic foraminifera was analyzed, microorganisms that live in the surface layers of the oceans and that build a shell of calcium carbonate.

A shell that is destroyed if ph decreases slightly, such as the base of the food chain and the main oxygen producers on the planet, that is why researchers believe that this new evidence was the biggest cause of mass extinction that ended with the dinosaurs, all due to a decrease in the oceanic ph of 0.3 units.

If the current carbon dioxide emissions continue at the same pace at the end of the century, the oceanic ph will go down even more than when the dinosaurs died out 0.5 units, but don't panic, we are still in time to reverse the trend or very human of create transgenic foraminifera that can live with the new ph, or most likely, that adapt to these conditions and survive but we don't.


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