No App Needed, Apple And Google Now Building CONTACT TRACING Right Into Your Phone!!!

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If George Orwell were alive today,

he would be very proud and impressed with the current state of the surveillance control grid and big brothers ability to track trace and database everything you do! But not only that, he would blush over the current relationship between the major tech conglomerates and big brother who have colluded and collaborated together to create the COVID-19(84) nightmare! Apple and Google just announced that they will now build their Covid-19(84) contact tracing software right into your phone without the need to download an app!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows the incremental moves that are slowly but surly marching society toward a big brother nightmare that will soon have no option of opting out, all for your safety of course!

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You correctly point out that these devices are literally enslaving us, and destroying society. They are the direct plan of the technocrats for the masses.

Then you go and sell pouches made of tinfoil for $60+ to afraid people.
Just get rid of it!
Snowden's revelations should matter to people. Smart devices are killing us.

And now 5G has been unveiled across BC! :(

How do you get online I'm curious?

I once only accessed internet using QubesOS but it becomes a headfuck. Then the promise of "safe devices" like Librem kind of flopped. I think now though with this dystopian world, it's going to drive opsec and maybe competition of device and service makers.

Wow, you might as well be speaking French. I have no idea what you're talking about, but thanks for the reply.

"How do you get online I'm curious?"

I use a PC (personal computer) and wired ethernet connection. Just like in the olden days (2000-2010)!

Lol well you really do avoid mobile like the plague! The classic pc is trusty. The older the better really because it doesn't come bloated and with tracking.

QubesOS is an operating system (window alternative) which is super secure but a headache to use and maintain.

Librem5 is a phone project launched a few years back as revolutionising mobile phones to make them secure. Or at least be an option but it didn't deliver.

Yeah, I'm gonna party like it's 1999!

My PC is getting old, though. I need to keep it alive, or figure out how to get a good replacement. I don't like buying computers online if at all possible. I really don't buy a lot online nowadays. I generally pay in person, with cash. To make things more complicated, both my wife and I are disabled and can only walk a certain distance (and neither of us is permitted to drive). We have a baby who we prefer not to leave with a babysitter, so one of us stays home with him, while the other ventures out for food and items. What a mess, right? And yeah, on top of all that, we limit ourselves even further with our stances against smart devices and so on. It's tiring, but anything else is unacceptable to us. I've seen a mom-n-pops computer place within walking range. I should stop in and see how frightening their prices are, hah.

Yeah man it's a hard life not keeping pace with the world. It's purposefully made easy to keep you locked in. You should look at online forums in your region. There's always people in them that have surplus of perfectly good devices that they refurbish and even give for free to folks. Computer Swapmeets for instance are a good place but not sure if you get them near you. Look after yourself and all the best!

This good video


It is possible to uninstall the pre-loaded operating system on mobile devices. I recommend to all people who value their privacy.

This was very informative 👍