Information Home.

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The newsstand is home of information. Every morning here in Ghana, a lot of people are seen in front f the new stand trying to get attracted to the various headlines that are making waves in the day. I usually pass by for some books l would want to read. You may visit the stand for your personal reason but whichever way the reason may be, we see the newsstand as a hub for information. Knowledge is needed so much for human growth and so this has been one of the best places to look for the information or knowledge you look for. This week will surely present to us amazing news and information. Let us look forward to more great information.


I heard BEYONCE went to Ghana for her new Video Series on Disney

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Yes ooooooooo.... Beyonce made a music video with a Ghanaian musician called shata wale. It was lit actually. Ghana to the world. Really feels good to hear from you today @ackza.