Steemit to shift Its proprietary blockchain and token to Tron network

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The news that I bring you today moves a little away from my editorial line but, I could not resist after seeing this news in Cointelegraph.

The holder of the important Tron cryptocurrency (TRX), has just partnered with Steemit, to provide its network to Steemit services.

Apparently, as part of the strategic partnership, Steemit and other decentralized applications (DApps) based on the Steem blockchain will be moved to the Tron blockchain.

The association also includes the change from the old Steem token (STEEM) to a new STEEM token based on the Tron blockchain.

I have no idea about ​​all these things so I will refrain from giving my opinion but, from what I have been reading on the web, everyone agrees that something big is going to happen with Steemit but, it is not known very well if this It will be good or bad for steemians.

So you can all beg your favorite deity so that Steemit becomes as big as Facebook.

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