New Study Shows How Magic Mushrooms Work In The Brain To Dissolve Your Ego

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A study published last month in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology has shown that psychedelic experiences can dissolve the ego, which is something that psychedelic advocates have been saying for decades.

In the study, researchers looked at how psilocybin affects glutamate activity in the brain. Glutamate is the most common neurotransmitter in the brain which is thought to play a role in self-esteem and other personal traits. The researchers found that glutamate levels seemed to fluctuate during psychedelic experiences.

The researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to monitor the brains of 60 healthy volunteers. Among many other significant findings, the researchers observed that different experiences seemed to correlate with different levels of glutamate in different parts of the brain.

In the study, the authors wrote: “Analyses indicated that region-dependent alterations in glutamate were also correlated with different dimensions of ego dissolution. Whereas changes in [cortical] glutamate were found to be the strongest predictor of negatively experienced ego dissolution, changes in hippocampal glutamate were found to be the strongest predictor of positively experienced ego dissolution.”

Through interviews with the volunteers, they did notice a dissolution of the ego, but they are still unsure how it is linked to glutamate levels.

“Our data add to this hypothesis, suggesting that modulations of hippocampal glutamate in particular may be a key mediator in the decoupling underlying feelings of (positive) ego dissolution,” the researchers suggest.

A previous study in 2018, also published in the journal Psychopharmacology, showed that psychedelics tend to make people more resistant to authority. They also found the psychedelic experience induced by these mushrooms also causes people to be more connected with nature. These conclusions match theories that psychedelic drug users have had for many years, and if true, this could explain why government entities are so afraid of psychedelic drugs.


Great topic John, the exploration of consciousness is the most important topic in the world. The reason for our existence as well as the existential questions of who we are, etc must be addressed if we want to make the best use of the human form of life. Psychedelics appear to be able to assist in this field of inquiry.

I'm fascinated to learn of the actual scientific findings of what happens in the brain, because the concepts of brain, mind, ego and self are obviously all interconnected.

Uuuu interesting! Resisting authority is definetely something governments fear a lot

That's very interesting! Thanks for sharing with us. I wish you a beautiful day 🙂