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RE: The Ultimate ShitCoin Turns Human Poop Into Crypto

in #newslast year

I am just imagining trolls going rogue in the middle of nowhere to grab tons of sh..t to drop in these “faucets” 🤣

Although the methane is a serious output, it would take a while to generate it. But I guess that when looking at the continuously pooping is when it makes sense.


Dateline 2025, poop theft is on the rise, with the most prolific BS producers, politicians, being hunted for their precious cargo. lol

More likely: Urgent Update: Corporations have been discovered adding laxatives to their cafeteria food in order to reduce their electricity bills and collecting more Ggool!
Sub-headline: Productivity at the same companies have declined as management is diving in to solve the problem

hehehe sounds hilarious but unfortunately I know a few places that would not care to run like that.