Yahoo News suspends all commenting to make site "safe"

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Well if this isn't a sign of the times I don't know what is. A comments section on a "news" site has disabled all comments in the name of safety.

I look at Yahoo News purely for a laugh and to further solidify what I believe to be "right in front of your face obvious" in that the media is completely biased, completely full of S**T and completely unethical.

I don't think that anyone actually gets any sort of increased knowledge about what is going on in the world by looking at Yahoo News, because their articles are nearly 100% opinion articles written by people that 99% of the time are all the way over on the left. It is so rare that a conservative article is even featured that when it does happen, the comments are mostly shock and awe with a sprinkling of people thanking Yahoo for showing at least some semblance of being unbiased (which they clearly are not.)

The comments section get "invaded" by conservatives and although I have no proof of this other than my own experience over the past few months, it seems that more and more of those comments were actually becoming conservative-dominated.

Normally the comments section on all articles are more exciting than the articles themselves. But Yahoo put a stop to this because: Feelings or something.


There are a number of reasons why this is "dumb" and I'll start with their bullshit excuse as to why they have done it. Yahoo has never been interested in having users "connect over interests and passions" their aggregate system is purely a clickbait, for profit collection of mostly garbage articles written by second rate hacks with almost no interest in truth.

The truth would often be revealed in the comments section where the readers would link other, far more fact-filled articles. This was taking people away from Yahoo and even though they attempted to disable links, the people in internet-land are far more clever than the webmasters over at Yahoo. The users were able to easily bypass this truly pathetic security and some commenters would actually reveal to other users how to also do so in the actual comments section. HINT: it wasn't complicated and requires knowing only one script which unless you use the GUI interface here you probably already know it.


First off, this idea that a website filled with mostly political commentary and opinion could somehow be "unsafe" is a crazy new-age notion for the weak. Arguments would happen in the comments section for sure. Some of these things were crazy and involved personal threats which were particularly stupid since everyone is hiding behind an anonymous name of their own choosing anyway. The idea that anyone is somehow "unsafe" because of an anonymous comment section is extremely dumb.

What's really going on

So since the news and by extension Yahoo can not be depended on to tell us anything true I'll going to postulate what I think the real reasons are for shutting down the comments section.

1: The comments section is beginning to have a very high level of conservative responses and in many instances the overall number of comments are sometimes dominated by conservative participants. This is particularly true in any article that is related to USA politics - which is all of them. Yahoo obviously has an extreme liberal bias and this can not be permitted lest some of their devout liberal followers be exposed to opposing ideas

2: The fact that people are continually posting links that take the viewers to other, far less ridiculous websites is taking business away from Yahoo, perhaps to never return. If people actually were to find out that there actually are lots of other news aggregates out there, they will find out they don't need Yahoo for anything and will abandon them just like everyone abandoned their search engine 20 years ago.

I think that a comments section can only be "unsafe" for people that would probably be harmed by anything and these people are going to find harm or offense no matter where they look. These people never grew up and this notion that we have to protect people from ideas on the internet is a ridiculous concept for anyone capable of rational thought.

Also, Yahoo is a company first and foremost: a company that has been failing for decades and has gone from being a dominant force on the internet to having almost zero value due to time-and-time again making the opposite of wise business decisions. They have gone from an overall value of over $200 billion to under $5 billion in the span of less than 15 years.

If Yahoo were to find some magic way to triple their profits - or in Yahoo's situation to have any profits - but in doing so the same magic would kill 10 of their viewers every single day... I can guarantee that Yahoo would take this deal. They don't care about your safety any more than the media outlets they feature on their site care about truth in journalism.

The comments section was the only part of Yahoo News that was even remotely fun or informative about the entire Yahoo News experience and I think we are going to see it turned back on in a week or so when their number of daily visitors diminishes rapidly. It was the only reason why anyone ever went there.

I do admire their commitment to the political bias cause though. This is the digital version of "taking your ball and going home" when you don't win in neighborhood sports.



well of course they did. Yahoo only makes bad business decisions and have been doing so since the 90's. I remember when Google was a rarely used search engine and Yahoo dominated the game. I'm pretty sure they had multiple opportunities to sell their company to both Google and MS for tons of money and declined. I bet they are regretting that now!

You are kind of remembering it correctly. The tech startup that eventually became the "inner workings" of Google offered to sell their business to Yahoo for $1 million back in 1998 and later in 2002 Google offered to sell to Yahoo for $5 billion. Yahoo scoffed at the offer. Today Google is worth $500 billion but I think it is safe to say that much of this has to do with Google's own team and that Yahoo probably would have screwed that up.

I doubt the safety side of things but they may have also gotten tired of the fact that really any political discussion, especially among strangers turns into a fight almost immediately.

dude. go over to Yahoo Answers... what a shit show.