Yes, face masks help stop covid19 transmission

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Girl in face mask.

It's been over a year yet a fringe still thinks face coverings do not help stop the transmission of Covid19. Here is one more run down on why they do help and no matter how bat shit your tin hats get, it wont change reality.

Face masks: what the data say
The science supports that face coverings are saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic, and yet the debate trundles on. How much evidence is enough?

As more and more data comes in we continue to prove it even more.

I know. I know. There a few on here that get really triggered by the mention of "science" or "mask" or "reality", but those snowflakes might be too far gone. Hopefully not and they return to their loved ones from the fog on brainwashing. The world is laughing at you, with a hint of saddness.


I agree face masks do help prevent the spread of COVID 19, and if it means one life saved, its worth the minor inconvenience. I understand some people have breathing difficulties wearing masks, but if those that don't have any troubles breathing wear them at least in indoor environments, some lives could be saved.

I am 100% ok with the people who actually have breathing issues or other legit health reasons for not being able to wear mask/face covering. I feel bad for them even more since there are people exploiting them (in a general sense) to try and get out of wearing a mask themselves. I also fully support not having to wear one when youre no where near someone, such as on a hiking trail. But, no one is trying to force anyone legally to do so in such a situation either.

100% agree!