Adsactly In The News - 20/09/2019

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In The News

Welcome to our new weekly series, where we review some of the highlights of events that have happened all over the world.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Trudeau held an impromptu news conference to respond to a TIME report that he wore blackface when he taught drama at West Point Grey Academy in 2001. A second and third image of the Prime Minister in blackface has now emerged in the midst of a federal election that has been rocked by these revelations. (Click image below to read more...)

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Global Climate Strike

The global climate strike kicks off today, Friday 20th September and will ripple across the world in more than 4,000 locations in the hope of getting more people concerned and informed about the climate emergency. Protestors plan to gather together in all major cities across the world during the course of today to raise global awareness, let's hope counties like China and Indian join in, or at least listen. (Click image below to read more...)

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NY Fed Injects Cash for Fourth Day

The New York Fed has injected another $75 billion Friday through an overnight repo operation. They have been pumping in similar amounts since Tuesday and economic experts are suggesting that these kinds of actions are commonplace ususally before a looming financial crisis. The is adding massive amounts of cash and in return taking on government securities as collateral. (Click image below to read more...)

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Storm Area 51, Happening Today

Almost 2 million people clicked the "going" button on a Facebook event that started out as a joke, set up by a California man seeking to storm Area 51, the super-secret military base in Nevada. No one knows what to expect, but the two tiny towns of Rachel and Hiko near the once-secret military research site are preparing for an influx of people over the next few days. (Click image below to read more...)

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Apple Launches iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

It's that time of the year again, when Apple releases their new iPhone with all the very small features changes that you probably won't ever use and don't really need. Unfortunately the world loves new things, hopefully we all don't fall into the trap of just getting the newer version for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses. I have had my last phone going of three years now, and am considering the upgrade, here is a nice review of just exactly what has changed. (Click image below to read more...)

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US Congress Schedules Hearing With SEC Regarding Crypto

The United States House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services has scheduled a hearing with Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton and four other SEC commissioners to discuss, among other topics, crypto. (Click image below to read more...)

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Let us know your thoughts on the happenings of this week... What did you think? Did anything crazy or interesting happen near you? Tell us about it in the comments

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I think it is a very convenient initiative to publish this week's news extracts. I'm usually a follower of information about relevant events, so I'm interested in that. Congratulations @MorkRock!
Of the news collected in the post I am particularly interested in three: 1) the global protest against climate change; I often support with my signature documents calling for measures to stop actions that destroy our climate and ecological balance); 2) the injection of money made by the FED in New York, because it seems to foreshadow serious financial problems; 3) the questioning in the US Congress aimed at addressing the issue of cryptography (hopefully to favor it).

Great idea, guys. Headlines tell us a lot about what direction this wolrd of ours is heading and what matters to people.
Like Nancy, I could not care less about the new iPhone (or any other brand of smart phone for that matter), it's just out of reach. We struggle to have our oldies repaired.
Most news these days paint a rather gloomy picture, even though life, party, and fun goes on for many people around the world. I'll search around, see if I can find a good news to add to these headlines.
On my part of the world, there is very little possitive, game-changing news to report. We have more oil spills, government-sponsored violence, very confusing political events regarding the "new opposition" to the Maduro regime...
Oh, we had one good news, in sports
Cincinatti Reds' third baseman, Eugenio Suárez, broke 23-year-old record held by Venezuelan infielder Andrés Galarraga (when he played for the Colorado Rockies) for most homeruns in one season (47). Suárez hit HR #48 four days ago.

PS. I found this:

Luxembourg to make public transport free [by 2020].

That would be great and followed by other countries around the world. Anyone from the "Low Countries" area who could confirm this news for us?

I think the idea of making a publication with a summary of the most important news of the week is great. I'm one of those people who likes to check the news portals to see what's new and important. It struck me that although Trudeau has apologized for his performance in the youth, the opposition is asking for his resignation. I think they want to fish in the river! The area 51 was another news that impacted me because although there is a big secret kept in this area, I'm seeing that behind there are many tabloids and tabloids trying to make a show. On climate change, even Bill Gates pronounced himself, but there is nothing new. What I didn't know is the release of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. They're on 11 and I stayed on the phones of The Flintstones. LOL. I better laugh not to cry. Greetings

There's some very interesting stuff in here. I had no idea area 51 is expecting all these people. The guy who made the joke perhaps should now start a fundraiser to help out the small towns that are spending a lot of money preparing.

@morkrock, Great to see this new Series. Mostly talked aspect is AREA 51.

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