Leading line photography is one of my passions they always keep you wondering what is at the other end your eyes are following that path of imagination which makes leading line photography so interesting. They say leading lines are one of the most useful elements in photography.

iPhone 6 Jan 19th 2018 083.JPG


iPhone 6 (2).jpg

Photographing bridges and walkways is one of my favorite subjects with leading line photography it creates that powerful image with a strong visual impact.

iPhone 6 Dec 5th 2017 Pearl Building 027.JPG

iPhone 6  April -Trees & Sunsets in Brighton April 2018 050.JPG


iPhone 6 Nov 2017 056.JPG

Samsung A9 - King Rama IX Park - Oct 2019 351.jpg

All these leading line photos i have collected on my travels in different countries and each one has a memory and a story behind it do you notice when looking at leading line photos they always create a mood for you i find that like you want to be in that far away place.



iPhone 6 Oct 10th 2017 Flowers from Sorn 030.JPG

Leading Lines are some of the most fundamental elements of photography and some of the simplest too and they also impact an image’s sense of emotion and structure. I hope you have enjoyed my image's and they have set you in the right mood.


iPhone 6 July 2018 Minimalism Shots 357.PNG




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