The trap of believing that having a lot of work will motivate us

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It is important to be able to separate the circumstances in which we have a lot of work to do for reasons other than not letting it accumulate.

It may be that having a lot of work to do can motivate us as long as we know that we are going to be valued for it, however it is almost impossible to positively value a person who has had to work a lot because he or she has let the most daily activities accumulate.

Far from motivating us, the simple fact of knowing that we have failed, either by carelessness or by simple irresponsibility and that our work has been accumulated, depresses and demotivates us. Knowing that we are getting our activities done little by little can be motivating, since we are accomplishing without letting us accumulate work, and all this will give us more efficiency in the fact that we will do the work doing it all very well.

As a conclusion I can tell you that, we must be motivated by our efficiency, and that we will get it by being motivated by everything we do, if our work includes several tasks, we must take them out one by one, without letting us accumulate, because overwork can stress us and spoil everything, thus losing the common sense to be able to efficiently express our talent.