How can we manage stress?

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When we know that we are stressed is because we understand that something external to us is making us worry, there are many variants of stress, there is an unconscious stress and other conscious stress, in one way or another by the two different forms of stress we can be affected.

Stress can work in us as a state of alertness, although our health can be affected by stress, it is very important that we also understand that our body needs the state of stress, because for example our body can adapt to any event that requires extreme physical effort, or we also need to take our mental process to the maximum level, in conclusion if we want to take our body to the extreme it is necessary to activate stress in us.

A very clear example is that of a bodybuilder, in order to develop his muscles he needs to activate his entire muscular system to the maximum, and that is only achieved if we raise it to the maximum stress, however we would not reach the maximum muscle development if we do not rest and move away from stress after training, since high levels of cortisol does not develop the muscles in the body.

In conclusion all this makes us think that stress is an element that we can count on for our body to adapt to any pressing situation, however there are times that for the welfare of health we must stay away from stressful situations.