Task Turbo Quiz :D Hilarious!

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And it was born: "Task Turbo Quiz!" by @ManniMan"

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This Quiz did cost me 0.30€ and was solved after ~3Min. Kazoo kid Fun Level :))

Check it out!
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@nannal @pippocollasso @alinalazareva nailed it!

You don't know what TASK is?
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First Likes on this Video get 1 Task, 20 Coins available - get yours now!
--> To the Task Site https://task.steemwhales.com/#/list

100 Tasks Giveaway in my next Video on "Task"!

Have a nice Weekend, Manni!

leave a Like and a Follow (D.Tube and Steemit), I really want to create a community!


TASK is pretty fun! Kaboom! 100% upvote!

yes it is :)

unless your in jail

The real task is to aquire enough task to validate.

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