The break-even point is the best option to get out of our comfort zone

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Everything in life is a balance, in the case in which we venture to explore new possibilities makes that we can get out of that comfort zone that many do not want to leave, but it is not so beneficial to get out of that comfort zone too much, so achieving a balance of this would be the most appropriate.

It is normal that at some point in our lives we have heard someone else say, "to achieve your goals you have to get out of your comfort zone." However it is a phrase that although in some environments has become fashionable, it is not right to say it and assume it as something that applies to all cases, since not in all cases people may need to get out of their comfort zone, on the contrary sometimes it can be counterproductive.

If we conceptualize about the comfort zone, we will realize that the comfort zone in the end ends up being like a refuge zone in which we protect ourselves from fear, uncertainty, anxiety, since when we leave it we find ourselves in an environment that may be totally unknown to us.

Neutrality is the most negative aspect of staying in the comfort zone, let's suppose that we have a partner whom we do not love, but we still continue with her because we are afraid of being alone, and also if we explore other areas in search of another partner we will not know if we will get it, and if we get it we will not know how we will do compared to the one we already have.

From my perspective, when this situation of neutrality arises, it would be convenient to get out of our comfort zone, since in the end it would not be giving us more than a supposed blind security.

In the case that we are tempted by greed, and we want to get out of a comfort zone that does provide us with many good interests, then it is at this point that it can be dangerous to get out of our comfort zone, because then we can lose all the good things we have so far.


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