Riders On The Storm

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Into This World We're Thrown!


My first look at Dorian, hammering the coastline.

This is what I saw, as I crested the dunes, to walk onto the northeast facing beaches. The waves, hammering and rolling. My guestimate, about 6-9 feet tall, consistently, and an occasional 10-12 footer. For some perspective, on a decent day, the waves are about 3-5 foot (meter-almost two), sometimes as calm as 1-3 feet (less than a meter). Winds were still gusting to 45 or 50 knots or so.

Dorian2 Fog.jpg

Looking South-Southwest, Hazy, and relative Calm.


Turn 180 degrees, facing North-Northeast, and I am looking at the Butt end of Dorian, one of the outer rain bands.


Dorian3 Surf.jpg

Rolling and Roiling!

I can't imagine, standing on my board, and reaching over my head, and the wave still being taller than my hands. I know, there are men and women (not right in the head) who surf Big Surf... but still, this is insane.


Surf's UP!

I've been out, surfing this beach... when the waves are 3-5... NEVER, when it's like this. Sometimes Body Surf, Sometimes Boogie Board. Right now, the storm is moving northeast, offshore, and Tropical Storm Warnings are removed from my area. Earlier, this morning, winds were in the 60's, with gusts to 81. The weather and wave buoy offshore I monitor, shows sustained waves of 12-15 feet. Interesting times we live in.

Dorian, at one point, was a Category 5 Hurricane, strongest on the scale, with Sustained winds in the 190 MPH range, and some gusts over 220. She stalled over Grand Bahamas Island, and literally tore apart the country. Some of the islands there, are literally 2/3 under water, and some, ALL STRUCTURES and BUILDINGS, completely wiped away. So far, estimates are over 50 dead, with tens of thousands missing... there's simply no way to count the dead yet. And at this point, 70,000 known homeless, and many tens of thousands more to find and help.


At this point, do what you can to help those who have lost everything, in The Bahamas. Donate Money, or volunteer to go help.

Always, I strive to give back
To the animals and birds around me
to put more plants in than I take out
And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios.

More whale photos here!



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Quite unusual first framing... and great dynamics of incoming waves

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Great shots homie. Keep it up. That first one is pretty epic.

Usually, I don't even notice this walk, except for maybe the first time on this beach for the season...
... but this was AWESOME... the waves, the stormy skies, and all!

On the first photo it looks like you can surf right up to the parking lot 😍

It's slightly misleading.
There's a large dune, you walk up and over, so not really.

However, off to out left, during the peak of the storm, Waves were breaking all the way into the lot. Two thirds of the parking lot was lost, over the last dozen years, to storms. Not to mention a massive marsh. And a few dozen houses have lost their fresh water wells. Now, they bring in water for drinking, and washing.

What a drag, I'm sorry to hear!

such a nice pic of sea. keep posting this type of photos ☺

will do, thanks
I love the Sea!


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The first photo is epic, it’s like a wall of sea held at the end of the walkway. Dorian has been a brutal storm, and caused much damage along it’s way.

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It is, epic storm, too
Now, heading across the pond for you!

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!

The sea is there to beautiful, so many stories in there of what it has caused in the days before...creepy actually

Unbelievable the amount of destruction there is in the Bahamas... I experienced Irma two years back with the eye over my head, but I really have the feeling that that was peanuts compared to this monster..

One thing I know from then...Help needs to be organized centrally, because it is too much of a chaos for all small projects now...that is for later...

I also remember samaritans purse being super fast and good by us...that is also a charity I would consider donating...and yeah...red cross as well.even though the name isnt always that good, reality is: 'they are there!'

Mostly, the big issue is getting into the Bahamas.
Transport needs to happen on large scale, and that's not easy, unless you are a major government
US and British govts are helping

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Looks way to choppy to get out to me!
Sending reiki vibes to all out there 💯🐒

It looks wild, and tempting to me!

beautiful photography. Sky color and ocean color combination looks awesome here.

It really is!

Some great shots in there man! Glad it didn't hit you all to hard.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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This was a wonderful thing to share on PYPT, the raw power of Mother Nature! Excellent photos and write-up! Kudos!

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I can FEEL the power in those waves!

Great of you to share that perspective and present a call to action to help folks impacted. Thoughts and prayers don't fix lives.

Here's to getting more exposure to a good cause on #pypt

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