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RE: Trapping animals, photographically

in #nature7 months ago

Oh that's absolutely awesome.

And yes set up a watering station. Just leave this camera record for a while and you will be absolutely astounded at the amount of wildlife that will learn there is available water.

As well as putting a little salt lick out... I don't really recommend putting food out because that will really draw them in however having a little watering stop for wildlife is definitely a very humane and amazing thing for a human being to do..

Got to remember about those little critters out there.

And now with the circle of life being what it is any watering hole automatically becomes a choke point for predators.... Just facts of Life but ironically it definitely stands to reason why bars have so much violence...

Anyway keep capturing those pictures of wildlife you would be really surprised what will end up here soon on that camera.


My dad has a tiny garden, so he won't get so much. We have some wild areas near us so there is plenty of wildlife around. We see lots of bird during the day, but there are owls around. I'm having fun with it.


And that's the most important thing is for you to have fun and absolutely enjoy what you do.

I can't wait to see the upcoming critters!

One of these days I need to get one of these trail cameras and set it up and see what I get around my camp at night.

One night I had a mountain lion. I had to look up what the sound was of different creatures. When I got to the mountain lion meow all a sudden I got Hairs on the back of my neck standing straight up.

You never know what's going on in the dark until you finally see in the dark.

Which I can't wait as well for the next generations of night vision goggles to come out that are able to see and record in full color..

Syonix is a company I really want to check out.

Now if I only could part with some of my toys to get night vision.

No lions around here. A fox is the largest predator we are likely to see and they are not too dangerous to people.

Be careful out there!


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