Towards superior humans - The flawed age of trans-humanism.

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If you need a consent form for trans-human research, it is probably because of the likelihood of adverse side effects - and I question if this is even a valid pathway to progress from just that information.

Genetics are too complex for humans to analyze and predict. Nature has been trying septillions of interactive genetic mutations per second for the last 3 billion years to achieve an un-imaginable and incomputable dynamic equilibrium which can be upset by even seemingly innocuous or "minor" genetic manipulation that can't occur in Nature (but can in a lab), and can do so in interactions that take decades to play out. Even years of track record in vivo do not guarantee continuing safety of GM.

I further contend that mono-molecule interventions of medicine and performance are inherently flawed in method. Nature works by complexity, and simplifying to one molecular species is almost always wrong or indicative of degradation of complexity in the environment - and it is better to address the complexity or deficiency than look for a band-aid or silver bullet. Even supplement cocktails are concocted by purifed ingredients rather than the molecular complexes that do Nature's work.


My best example of non-invasive trans-humanism is musical training. Children given musical instruments and lessons from childhood through conservatory grow 10 BILLION MORE NEURONS in their cerebrum for superior musical, mathematical, symbolic, proprieceptive, spatial and emotional intelligence and autonomic control of breath and heartbeat, and better integration of cortical regions through denser white matter. Further, they grow more complex structures in up to 11 fractal dimensions of inter-connects.

Other pathways to superior humans are correcting the awful diets of the industrial food chain, athletic training (which also stimulates neurogenesis), early childhood sensory stimulation, more time in Nature, less chemical, air, water, noise, image and light pollution - and more hugs.