Even The Way We Shower Is Harmful Now!

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Corporate science, which we call scientism, has to acknowledge that it does not control much of the natural world in the end. The two examples below prove it in a very simple way. It is nonetheless clear that scientism has entered rocky waters.

As usual, it depends on how we read the data and many might still marvel at the ability of science to adapt itself, though how serious is such a claim considering that bad science has made society not only increasingly sick but insane.

Over the 2 or 3 last decades, we've endured the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) coercive definitions of mental illnesses which transformed the whole society into an asylum. The good news is that now cracks are starting to appear in the monolith. It is about time, what a relief! Mental health professionals have begun to question the "terrain model".

What if society itself was... IS... the problem?

Of course, it is!

Just consider the fact that "25% of young adults between 18 and 24 contemplated suicide this summer due to covid19" with more than 40% of those surveyed saying they experienced a mental or behavioral health condition. That wasn't a small study at all as it surveyed over 5 thousand people.

The article recognizes that scientists have long known the effects of social isolation aren’t just hazardous, but deadly. Yet a vast majority of "experts' endorses confinement and social distancing. In a previous blog, and perhaps do you remember, we highlighted that 6ft apart is the distance to prevent human energy fields from interacting among themselves. And this will have grave repercussions in the months ahead. This picture below is from Thailand but many may soon find it acceptable at this pace.

But prior to covid, our competition model was already taking us down as a civilization anyway. Covid merely accelerates the process and mirrors back to us that we need each other to survive, and nature as well.

Yes, it is really time for science to embrace Holism, though that might end science as we know it. As things have been and are doing, with our massive pollution ordeal, we knew it would eventually happen. We'll have to accept the fall of the empire as a blessing.

Holism definition is - a theory that the universe and especially living nature is correctly seen in terms of interacting wholes (as of living organisms) that are more than the mere sum of elementary particles. (merriam-webster)

Nature is stronger than she has ever been.

Even too much cleanness has become problematic, as a threat to the microbiome. But here again, we can see the problem with capitalism itself pushing for the deceitful advertising of beauty supplies that are attacking us from within. To add to the injury, fragrances contain chemicals that are completely unregulated. Most of them may cause cancer.

One of the main flaws of market is that it cannot be brutally honest, fully transparent, otherwise, sales would plummet as products would also become more expensive. Because if manufacturers cannot exploit resources and labor, there is no profit possible. Infinite growth is needed to generate profits and pay salaries otherwise the society ceases to operate. This is the catch 22 we are dealing with.

Our society is such an illusion that even the way we're taught showering ourselves is wrong! And if this is a lie, anything else is by extension. Unless you live off the grid, the average lifestyle is completely nonsensical. Let's make several steps back and imagine how to rebuild a new society from scratch instead.

So how to shower moving forward would you ask? Without soap just clear water (preferably without fluoride) and then massage your skin with real organic essential oils. Do not scrub your skin every day for sure but maybe twice monthly instead (our emphasis) while avoiding long showers because water is precious. Keep the soap to bath once monthly for example. For special occasions so to speak. And then, of course, using soap bars which you can make yourself if you have time. But organic in any case. And instead of shampoo and conditioner, lukewarm water with a little bit of apple cider added to it will do wonders.


FORBES: Researchers Doubt That Certain Mental Disorders Are Disorders At All (April 2020) Social reform or medical treatment?
Study author Kristen Syme, a recent WSU Ph.D. graduate, compares treating anxiety, depression or PTSD with antidepressants to medicating someone for a broken bone without setting the bone itself. She believes that these problems “look more like sociocultural phenomena, so the solution is not necessarily fixing a dysfunction in the person's brain but fixing dysfunctions in the social world."

Hand-washing aside,James Hamblin has not used soap for five years.
He warns that our obsession with being clean is harming the microbiome that keeps us healthy... Microbiologists have found that hunter-gatherers and Amish people, who work together on farms from childhood, have optimally diverse microbiomes and minimal chances of contracting autoimmune conditions and associated inflammation. Urban westerners who want to boost their more modest skin microbes would benefit from close contact with other people and animals, and from spending as much time as possible in nature, preferably getting dirty... But now that we are in a pandemic, much of that behaviour is on hold. In fact, if the relative sterility of the world before Covid-19 was already compromising our microbial balance, lockdowns and social distancing could challenge it even more.


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