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As we had Earth Day this week, I blogged about it this week ( ) I was interested in the change this is having on our beautiful earth. I saw a piece in the newspaper referring to People Magazine. The amazing ways animals and the environment have bounced back amid the vocid19 pandemeic.

Venice canals are clearing up. While the water in the city we visited last year when we were with my parents in Italy, is getting clearer and now its even clearing up more. This is offcourse because less to no traffic is on the canals, due to no tourism. Allowing the sediment to stay at the bottom.

In Japan more deer wander off to new destinations, something the Japanese see it as a gift.

The article had wild mountain goats take over a Welsh town. Herds of mountain goats were seen walking the streets. The are getting more confident to enter the town looking for money

NASA data from different satellites report a much better air quality in different places around the globe. The cities in lockdown have some better air quality cause of no traffic and planes that pollute.

In South Africa lions can lay in the road because there are no tourists in vehicles watching them, so they have a relaxed life during our troubles with the virus.

If I look at our cities I can only agree, people are noticing more, they see that there is plastics in our nature and pick it up. So not all is negative in COVID19 times. Its hard but maybe gift too. I won’t forget the time we had, cause normally i don’t see whatthey have to do for schoolwork, only the homework so, a bit of stress is an easy payment to have. Offcourse i am sad of all the Greef and deaths during this times, so i wish you great health and please stay safe. We will overcome this. Nature is recovering and so will we!

This was my hive at 5 for today,


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I hope we will be able to visit this beautiful city with its wonderful people again this summer.


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