Amazing birdhouses and where to hang them!

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I've had some birdhouse building posts before and now I can show off all what I have built!
They're not actually that amazing, but I just thought about the movie title "Amazing creatures and where to find them". DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

It's too late season for bird to migrate to the birdhouses, but they're ready for the next spring. The only exception is the owl birdhouses, as owls tend to find their future nest already in autumn.

If we're lucky, we might find all birds from all the birdhouses built now.

Please notice, all birdhouses are build from untreated spruce, so no impregnated wood used. The roofs are made from waterproof plywood. This is to make sure it's not harmful for the birds.

The birds prefer naturally different kinds of nests and they prefer their nests in different heights and in different kinds of areas. This depends on what they eat and what kind of environment they're adapted to.

One of the things which annoy me is how some stores sell just mediocre quality standard birdhouses with zero information to which bird species it's meant for. It's like people would assume all birds live in similar birdhouses!

I've found the instructions from BirdLife Finland website. I'd recommend everyone checks out if you have local BirdLife sites and communities, as birds are a precious part of the nature.

Check out BirdLife International too!

Birdhouse number 1:
Built for white wagtail. Hook up to 1,5 - 3 meters height, enjoys gardens, shores or areas with pine forests.

The ladders next to the tree aren't reliable.

Birdhouse number 2:
Built for common starling. Hook up to 3 - 5 meters height, enjoys gardens and mixed forests.

Birdhouse number 3:
Built for the boreal owl. The birdhouse is to be hooked up high, even as high as 4 - 6 meters. Goddamn pain to carry the birdhouse to 4+ meters and hook it up on a ladder. It was goddamn heavy, I can tell you that. It's possible I shouted and sweared a bit when it slipped from my hand at one point. Mixed or coniferous forest, old ones if they can be found.

Birdhouse number 4:
Built for either european crested tit or the willow tit. 1,5 meters is the optimal height. This was more enjoyable than the owl birdhouse was. Mixed or coniferous forest.

Birdhouse number 5:
Do you see this big boy? It's 0,6 meters high and the front has three layers of timber so it's over 6 cm thick (one layer is approx. 2,1 cm). The birdhouse is HUGE and heavy.

It's still for the smallest European owl, the eurasian pygmy owl. It's a bit bigger than the tits are (hehe, tits), but still a really small bird. The adult eurasian pygmy owl weights typically 50 - 75 grams. A glass of water (2 dl) weights 200 grams.

Just think about it. They're tiny. Not sure why they need a big-ass house.

Still, this was much more enjoyable to hang up than the last owl birdhouse. As the tree has really large branches I could stand on a thick one while working, so I didn't need to stand only on the ladder. But still, once again, 4 - 6 meters and mixed or coniferous forest.

Birdhouse number 6:
More tits. This one was a very similar design than the previous tit birdhouse, but there were slight differences. Like this one wasn't pre-filled with moss and peat, like I filled the previous one and the owl birdhouses. Some bird species prefer bringing their own nest building materials, some don't.

This is a small birdhouse again, blue tit or coal tit. 1,5 meters is the optimal for the coal tit, 1,5 - 2 m for the blue tit, so I tried to get the 1,5 meters. Blue tit prefers gardens and deciduous forests, but coal tit enjoys mixed or coniferous forest. Now we have a bit of both, it's close to the summer house but still in a mixed forst.

Hopefully someone will live there, but we'll see.

Birdhouse number 7:
The last one. I got already a bit tired with this. I forgot to take a photo and was too tired to get closer to get a better one.

This one is for the great tit. It's slightly larger than the previous tit birdhouses, but not much larger. 1,5 - 2 meters, gardens, deciduous or mixed forests.

Finally my job was done.

Even though it wasn't.


Birdhouse number 8:
8 is the symbol of eternity but flipped.

The birdhouses will never end. I will never finish my task.

Red-breasted merganser, hook up till 5-8 meters....
No don't hook it up, but lay it on the ground near water. The birds will have an easy access to water behind the rocks, even though it might seem like a bit crazy place on the photo.

Why am I doing this?

I like birds, just like most of us. Some bird populations are declining due to the lack of biodiversity. Old forests are being destroyed and bird species which find their nests from old forests might ultimately find themselves with no homes at all. Birdhouses are good artificial houses for birds which aren't building their own nests from twigs and such.

A birdhouse built by me might not stop the declining of any species, but if it helps a bird, it's always worth the work.

Also I'm a bit selfish. The neighbors cat has died and we have a lot of mice going around the woods, so I'm hoping an owl or two might start eating them up. That would be a win-win situation, we get rid of the extra mice and the owls get a place to stay.

But of course all of them are welcome to live in our woods. Be it owls or beautiful tits.


Wow! Nice work! Pygmy owls are awesome. This cute little Pygmy owl visited us a few years ago! :)

Awesome photo! The pygmy owl is so small it makes the trees and branches look huge.

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