Peacock mantis shrimp

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 I do not hide my admiration and my passion for this species not  only for its beauty but also for its intelligence, skill and unique  strength and this name is called for the similarity of the shape of its  tail with peacock feathers 

 He is known for the most powerful blow to an animal on the face  of the earth where he can break a basin or the mind of your finger with  one punch and the strength of one punch is equal to the speed of a  bullet 0.22. The basin in which he is placed must be very thick and he  is known for his violent and sharp intelligence and can identify his  owner and lives in the pits and under the rocks On the bottom 

 It is a type of crustacean, it is neither side, nor a type of  mantis, but it acquires its name from the similarity in the physical  composition of both the pleural and the mantis. 

 And it reaches a length of 30 cm and in some exceptional cases  it reaches 38 cm and a shield is used to protect it so that it covers  the back of his head and the first 3 sections of his chest 

 Sources : arabia2 

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