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types of weed
There are many different types of weed available today, these types were created by crossing different weed plants. There are essentially three different types of weed, these are Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis rudelaris. If you want to buy cannabis seeds, it often says in the weed species what percentage of indica and sativa are. By reading these percentages you know roughly what kind of weed plant it will be, since each species has various characteristics.

Cannabis indica
Indica weed species are compact and have their origins in Asia. The heavy, fragrant buds of these plants grow in clusters, with varying internodal space between the clusters. These weed plants are known for their faster buoy, you can think of a flowering time of six to nine weeks. If you want to grow weed in a room where there is not that much height available, then it is best to choose a species with a high percentage of indica. Indica weed species do not get high quickly when flowering starts, you can bear in mind that at the end of the flowering period the plant grows 50 to 100 percent.

By using weed from an indica plant, you can take into account that the weed has a higher THC and CBD content than a sativa species. The effect of this weed species is more physically also called stoned, whereby the perceptions of taste and hearing can be enhanced. Indicas are known for their mental and physical relaxing effect, keep in mind that with a higher dosage they can be sleep-inducing.

Cannabis sativa
Sativa weed species are comparatively larger than Indicas, the tops of the Sativa are also larger. However, the buds are often lighter in weight, canabis sativa species as they are not that compact. A sativa weed plant needs to flower longer than an Indica. They need an average of nine to twelve weeks to fully bloom. This is therefore only the flowering time, the time to grow is also added, but this growing time is shorter than with Indica plants. As Sativa species continue to grow during the flowering period, you can already start flowering within a week.

The origin of sativa weed plants lies in tropical areas, such as Cambodia, Thailand, Jamaica and Mexico. The Sativa type of weed contains mainly THC, but to a lesser extent than the Indica. Nevertheless, the Sativa is a popular species among weed growers and weed users, due to the "high" effect that the Sativa species produce. The effects can vary between energetic, creative, giggling and even psychedelic. However, the effects are less pronounced than the Indica species. You will therefore not fall asleep quickly due to a stoned feeling when using a Sativa strain.

Cannabis ruderalis
Ruderalis is the lesser-known weed species of the three, some botanists even doubt whether Ruderalis is an independent species. The origin of Ruderalis lies in Russia and Central Europe, you can also find this species in Central Asia. The Ruderalis survives in areas where there are short summers and the temperatures are low. This type of weed is the one that keeps the plants the smallest, you can think of about 30 to 80 centimeters. The small weed plants have only a few branches with broad leaves. If you want a Ruderalis species to grow to about 80 centimeters in size, then you need to use enough time to grow the plant, because in the flowering period a Ruderalis will not grow much in height anymore. The weed coming from the Ruderalis contains little THC but a relatively high CBD content. It is therefore not a type of weed that is often used for recreational use, but this species can be used excellently as a medi weed.

Due to the many positive properties of the Ruderalis weed plant, this species is increasingly used for crossbreeding. A position verderalis type of cannabis feature of this weed species is that the plants will flower automatically, regardless of how long the sun shines or whether there is light (autoflower). This hemp species also has a short growth cycle, which ensures that the weed plants are quickly ready for harvesting.

In addition to the three main types of weed described above, there are hundreds of different crossings. Each of these species contains a percentage of the aforementioned weed species. By seeing these percentages you immediately know what kind of plant you are dealing with. Over the years a number of different types of weed have become very popular, below is an overview of the top 17 most popular types of weed in order of popularity. By clicking on a type below, you will go to the page where you can find more information about the specific type of weed.

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